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Fano command in Gondar reportedly formed


It has been recently reported that Fano forces are working on the formation of a single command structure. As part of that move, Fano Gondar Command is reportedly formed.

Take a reportage from video embedded below

Video : embedded from Bete Amhara Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Let us face some historic facts. Gondar and Gojjam have always been in a fighting mode as regard religious doctrine and seniority. Gondarines have looked down on Gojjames. Neither have Gondarines been a cohesive group. Both have been a collection of splintered and splintering groups. Thus far Fano was located in Gojjam and under Gojjame-Addis Abebee Eskinder’s leadership. Shaleqa Dawit is a Shawee. Give or take a year, the two groups are going to be at each other’s throat! In other words, a Fano Command in Gondar will soon be a separate group. After all, Eskinder is known only for making incoherent statements, not strategic leadership. And Shaleqa behind the curtain babysitting Eskinder is in for the $$$. There you go, Fano!


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