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Open Letter To FAO Director General – Qu Dongyu

FAO Director General _ Ethiopian PM
FAO Director General, Qu Dongyu (Photo : file. Source : FAO)

Qu Dongyu
FAO Director- General

Dear Dongyu,

The Agricola Medal award conferred to Ahmed Ali clearly indicates that you are completely misinformed about the man. As stated by FAO, “the Medal had been conferred to eminent world figures in recognition of their extraordinary role in advancing the cause of global food security and poverty alleviation.” 

I write to you, not to tell you about Ahmed Ali, but to ask you to make only a half an hour query on him and the famine in Ethiopia. You can even refer to the recent reports of Ethiopia’s Disaster & Risk Management Commission which asserted that an estimated four million people need urgent food and nutrition assistance in the country .

Mr. General Director,

As you might already have noticed Ahmed at the meeting, the man is a dangerous lunatic, too self-centred to care for others, and a clever imposter who has successfully managed to deceive his country’s 120 million people, the Nobel Committee, all the leaders of East African countries and now FAO . 

The Ethiopian people have now risen furiously to overthrow him because they knew he lied to them, because he has waged genocidal war on them, because he has hidden a widespread famine that is already taking its tolls. 

The Nobel Committee awarded Ahmed the Peace Prize before his real personality was known to the world. Now the Committee is taken by a storm of massive petitions demanding the withdrawal of the award because Ahmed proved to be the worst warmonger in history. A couple of years ago, Ahmed wasted the lives of millions on the Tigray war and now he is at war with Amhara people whom he frequently bombs with drones. In a bid to starve the population and crush the rebellion in the region, he has deliberately deprived farmers of fertilisers, and his army is reported to set fire on badly needed crops in the region.

In short, Ahmed Ali is now known for his disgusting perversity. Yet, you have become his prey. It appears like you haven’t been living on the planet the past five years, or you have mistaken him with the president of Kenya. Anyway there has to be something that led you into this mismanagement. Had you, Mr Dongyu, been a bit informed about Ahmed Ali, you would not have stood with him for a few minutes, let alone confer to him  FAO’s Medal of recognition. He is undoubtedly laughing at you; as history will, if you do not revoke the award as soon as possible. 

The award is a perfect cover for him but, to the people of Ethiopia, it is a fatal blow. I hope you will have the courage to admit your mistake and correct it.

Makonnen Estifanos G

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  1. May be I should pen an open letter of my own to H.E. Qu Dongyu, FAO Director- General asking him to double down in his handing out the Agricola Medal by issuing another one to that fire spitting patriot Obbo Temesgen Tiruneh. While he is at it, another one for ten others from the ruling party of Ethiopia. Lets how many more bigots and PhD toting confused philosophers will come out of the woodwork unintelligibly mumbling and jumbling.

  2. Makonnen,
    You embarrassed yourself. The award is in recognition of EFFORTS undertaken thus far, that they are in the right direction. You’re not arguing that millions of trees were not planted, are you? Or that extensive agricultural farms have yielded enormous grain. Veracity of such activities were checked before hand. You may not know this but there is FAO office and Country Director in Addis. Award was conferred on Abiy because of his leadership (whether we like it or not). Just because there is conflict in Amhara does not mean EVERYTHING is dark and ugly.


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