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Disappointed with FAO? Lessons to Learn from Our Fallouts!


By Belayneh Abate

Many Amhara elites are disappointed at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the united nations (UN) for awarding one of the maniacs accused of Amhara genocide. The disappointed elites please show me a single fair and credible international organization, which does not take sides with the maniacs who are puppet of the West? Are not almost all international organizations established to protect the interests of the powerful and to weaken the powerless further? 

Ironically, some of the disappointed elites are the very individuals who considered the awarded maniac as the “Moses” of Ethiopia and promoted him for peace prize.  This paradox of loving the maniac in the morning and hating him in the afternoon is yet another proof that anyone who runs with his emotions and fails to install himself on solid principles of reason definitely suffers from a lifetime regret and a moral quagmire. 

As we know, this maniac was not a new face when he showed up and seduced these elites like immature teenagers five years ago. He has been a high-ranking official of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) that has been committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, massive displacement, forced sterilization and torture on Amaras for more than three decades. 

Despite these atrocities, many Amhara elites beat the drum behind the maniac and confuse the Ethiopian people at large to follow him and the international community to award him a Nobel Peace Prize. 

As history shows, the Nobel Peace Prize institution has been very controversial since its inception. Alfred Nobel, who donated 90% of his assets to establish this prize institution, was known as the MERCHANT of DEATH since he enriched himself from selling dynamite explosives that killed millions of people in the world. [1-2] To erase this nickname forever and perhaps as a sign of confession, Alfred Noble decided to donate his asset for a peace prize after a French newspaper described him as ” the merchant of death” in 1888. 

Since its establishment in 1897, this peace prize organization has been used as a tool to safeguard the interests of the powerful and to suppress the uprisings of the weaker. Regrettably, this “peace prize” institution has awarded several death merchants such as the leader of apartheid and the chairperson of the EPRDF-2. Now the UN FAO followed the ritual of the Nobel Peace Prize institution and awarded one of the death merchants of Ethiopia although the country is suffering from continuous war and hunger since the award of the phony peace prize. 

Lessons to learn:

  1. Understand “to err is human” and we all make errors, but we shall learn from our mistakes. Never trust and give power to criminals and traitors even when you think they have exhibited sincere remorse and confession let alone when they take the stage and deceive with fake apologies. Remorse, confession and forgiveness have their own spiritual, moral and ethical proceedings. 
  2. Be conscious of the importance of regret and the value of requesting forgiveness from the people we unintentionally harm. Failure to request forgiveness for an unintentional harm results in an everlasting untrustworthiness. Humans are created with brains to forgive but not to forget.  While forgiving past trauma heals, forgetting past trauma perpetuates harms in geometric progressions. 
  3. Be aware of the importance of self-reliance in every life encounter and avoid depending on other individuals, groups, states or organizations. 
  4. Acknowledge that there has never been a single fair and credible international organization in the past; it does not exist in the present and there will be none in the future. Remember what the League of Nations did to Ethiopia during the second Ethio-Italian war, and what the superpowers and the international organizations are doing now. 
  5. Realize that the international organizations will stand with you ONLY when you have the POWER to influence. 
  6. Understand the world is governed by the principle of the survival of the fittest and develop the power for this fitness and to influence the international organizations and others in your favor. 
  7.  Be cognizant about the importance of hard work for survival and work hard individually and in a group in areas of education, research, innovation, trade manufacturing and so on.
  8. Be aware of the crucial value of organizations and establish three-dimensional survival institutions. Amaras, who are currently fighting in defense of genocide and ethnic cleansing immediately need at least the following organizations.

A. Strong grass root organizations that provide the financial and equipment supplies for the resistance.

B. Prudent diplomatic and lobbying institutions that deflate the maniacs’ false propaganda and expose the genocide, ethnic cleansing, displacement, imprisonment and other atrocities.   

C. Robust mass media run by well -trained investigative journalists

D.  Sophisticated legal team that brings criminals involved in torture, displacement, forced sterilization, massacre, ethnic cleansing and genocide to court of justice even after they die since justice does not require viable body to reign.  

E. Teams of intellectuals that include historians, archeologists, sociologists, anthropologists, forensic pathologist, statisticians, journalists, and so on that collect data, analyze, write and publish manuscript and books about committed atrocities including genocide, ethnic cleansing, displacement, imprisonment, forced sterilization, man-made hunger, diseases, and so on.

  1. Recognize Amaras have all the resources to develop the necessary power. What is needed is the full-fledged determination to put the resources together. During a struggle for survival, everyone in the victims group should be a soldier in the area of his will.  
  2. Admit that you are ephemeral, and you will die sooner or later. For this limited life which may even lapse tomorrow morning from an accident, never sell your conscience, your people, your country, your friend, comrade or anyone for a temporary advantage or benefits.  

Thank you. 

Endnotes: –

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