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Deliberately targeted employees of Amhara natives to be expelled from Addis Ababa City Administration

Addis Ababa City Administration

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA -(BORKENA) – Many workers, in particular, deliberately picked Amhara natives, will be fired from the Addis Ababa City Administration while many others who are members of Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) also known as Oromo Prosperity Party have their names posted as the ones who passed the placement examination though they did not take the test, sources said.

According to the recent campaign launched by Abiy Ahmed’s Regime against the Amhara natives, many of them will be expelled from the Addis Ababa City Administration in the name of an assessment test, Mereja dot Com (Info-com) reported. 

One of the activities being carried out in Addis Ababa under the pretext of changing demography is to deliberately purge Amharas from government offices, according to the information obtained from the administration by Info-com. What the sources indicated is that, the OPDO cadres who were not sat for the test had their names included in the list as competent who passed the exam.

Last week, OPDO cadres were reportedly not tested. It was stated that 55.61 percent of the leadership and other employees who took the technical and efficiency testing from the Addis Ababa Land Acquisition, Registration and Information Agency Bureau, Land Development Management Bureau and the Mayor’s Office did not pass the assessment.

Addis Ababa City Administration Public Service Bureau announced the results yesterday, with Addis Maleda Media releasing the results. Out of 3, 861 workers who took the placement test, only 1, 680 or 44.39 percent passed.

In the previous assessment, 10 thousand 257 workers sat for the exam and 5, 095 of them were able to pass.

Of the 4, 213 leadership members, who took the efficiency testing only 1, 422 were said to pass. 


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  1. They refuse to show us our test paper when we ask them we need to check for accuracy of marking or evaluation of the assessmen test!

  2. all of the test questions on exam l took were essay type and exposed to subjectivity in evaluation or marking process! in such large scal assessment test objective type test questions should be used and appropriate! it looks this is done intentional to target what is mentioned on the article above.

  3. Therefor we need investigative journalist that assess the situation and reveal the trueth to revearse their their on going sabotage and injustice against us!


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