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31 People Die in Accidents that Occurred in Addis Ababa Over the Last Six Months

Addis Ababa Commission of Fire and Disaster

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – January 30, 2024 (BORKENA) – Nigatu Mamo, a communications expert with the Commission of Fire and Disaster Risk Management, has informed Ethio-FM 107.8 Radio that 239 accidents took place over the last six months in Addis Ababa and the surrounding area, resulting in the destruction of property worth over 475 million birr. 

Out of the total accidents, 208 occurred in Addis Ababa, with an additional 33 happening in areas adjacent to Addis Ababa within the Oromia Region, as reported by the commission. Mamo revealed that 150 of these accidents were caused by fire, while 89 were attributed to other causes.

In an effort to control the accidents, 25 people were saved from these incidents, according to the communication expert. On the other hand, the emergency workers of the commission removed the bodies of 31 individuals who died in emergencies other than fires and handed them over to the police.

The commission highlighted that the victims lost their lives in various ways, including drowning in deep rivers, falling into hand-dug holes, and experiencing electric shocks and other accidents.

Regarding accidents in the capital, Nigatu Mamo reported 35 incidents in Addis Ketema Sub-City and 32 in Bole Sub-city. Furthermore, 30 accidents were recorded in Kolfe-Karanio Sub-City, while the lowest number of accidents occurred in Lidata Sub-City, where only 7 casualties were reported (BORKENA).


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  1. But in some countries no one dies in car accidents because there are no private cars in sight and citizens have settled with using horse buggies for transportation. That helped them cut their share of carbon emission by 95%. That is called development 1760’s style.

  2. Wait a minute! I just come to a conclusion after going through a mountain of material related to these accidents. I caught the culprits in the act of causing the accidents and I have them indicted by a grand jury already. Here they are:
    1) Mr. Abiy Ahmed indicted for driving carelessly while going to work.
    2) Mr. Temesgen Tiruneh for pointing his laser gun recklessly at other drivers during traffic jams everyday.
    3) Mrs. Adanech Abebe for placing too many barricades on city streets for road maintenance and construction.
    4) Kermit the Frog and his love interest Miss Piggy for fighting in the middle of the road causing distractions to drivers.
    5) Bugs Bunny for leaving too many potholes on the roads after digging up carrots from the ground.

    I am asking for long term incarceration especially for the first three defendants. So everybody just lay back and enjoy knocking back your khamr because I took care of everything for you so you can mumble and jumble with Oromummaa this and Neftegna/Woyane that.


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