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Ethiopia’s Federal Security Intervention Requested in Oromia-South Regions

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Local administrations in the areas between Oromia region and South region are reportedly seeking the intervention of the Federal government security forces as “Oromo Liberation Army” (OLA)  militant activity made the security situation scary. 

VOA Amharic  on Saturday reported that the security situation in the districts between Guji Zone of Oromia region and Kore Zone of South Ethiopia region has reached beyond the capacity of the security apparatus in the region. 

Last Monday, OLA militants killed at least eleven civilians and security forces when they launched a surprise attack in the area. Some of the victims were said to be hospital staff. Residents and officials from the zone where the incident took place have confirmed the incident. 

They say residents have restricted their movements as it has become risky to leave home and get back home safely.  Regular activities in the area are restricted due to the incident, according to the source.

VOA said an attempt to reach out to OLA spokesperson, Oda Terbi, who lives in North America was not a success. 

Ethiopia’s Federal government did not remark on the situation either. 

Meanwhile, the OLA has reportedly called for a strike in Wollega and many other areas of Oromia region of Ethiopia where it has been operating extensively. Ethiopian Media Service said that it has received information that banks and other service providers have been closed in many areas.  Transportation service is restricted and vehicles are not moving. Normally, movement of vehicles in the region has been a risky business for years now as OLA has been engaged in kidnapping drivers and burning vehicles. 

The Ethiopian government and OLA were expected to undertake a third and “final” negotiation. The timeline is undisclosed but there are reports that  the effort for the third round of negotiation is already underway. 


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  1. I have telling you about these rebel forces all along. They are all groups barbaric rag tags led by demons. Ask me about the commies ordained and so-called national question. For me that question all critical issues emanating out of it have been amicably addressed/answered since 1993-95. That young boy from my Itu does not have to have the shock of his/her tender life just like I had on his/her day at school because the medium of communication has suddenly changed into something he/she has no knowledge of. That member of my Itu clan does not have to get a paid translator to take his case to the court. So by that the national question has been fully answered. There is no need to take to the bushes like wild weasels for it. The issues that remained to be address are not unique with my Oromos. The issues that peasant and town dweller from Itu clan is facing are essentially the same as what that peasant and town dweller from Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somali, Beni Shangul, Sidama, Gambela or the rest regions of the country. They all want peace, stability and the means in the pursuit of happiness.

    With peace and stability comes security. With peace and stability in place citizens spirit will be liberated from the anguish of the undesirables. With peace and stability the innovative minds and the untapped muscle of the youth will be ready and available to turn that nation upside technologically and industrially. I am and remain bullish about the potential of those upright people during peace and stability. So don’t try to tell me that Amhara peasant and city dweller is demanding black milk from a green cow. Don’t try to tell me that my Itu clan member will drop dear unless somebody, I said somebody, gives him a purple cow that will give him a mule calf. The same goes for every citizen in every other region. In writing so, I’m not talking for the citizens of Eritrea because I have no business in their internal affairs and I hope their cadres and beneficiaries will abide by that binding principle. Nuff said for now!!!


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