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Four thousand government officials fined for failing to have their wealth registered

  • Only one of the 41 senior officials provided accurate information
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has announced that four thousand government officials and workers who did not have their assets registered voluntarily, were made to get registered through fines. Following this, the commission was able to secure four million Birr from the fine, the commission announced in a press statement it made on Friday, January 26, 2023. 

According to the Commission, the officials and employees will be held accountable by law. In the verification of the 41 government officials who have their wealth registered in a bid to prevent and control corruption, it was revealed that only one official was  proved to provide accurate information, the Weekly Amharic the Reporter said here yesterday.

Thus, out of the 41 list of the government officials, 24 high and 16 middle-level miss-match of wealth were discovered, while only one official had his properties properly registered, the commission said.

Chief Executive Officer of the Commission’s Emergency Prevention of Corruption, Gezhegn Gashaw, said that 1.8 million of the 2.3 million employees in government institutions nationwide have their wealth registered.

Moreover, the chief executive, who stated that work will be done to ensure accountability in the future, explained that the issue would be seen along with the cases of 45 officials whose assets and properties were frozen in the past.

Tesfaye Shamebo, Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, said that individuals who have exploited the wealth of the nation should receive legal punishment.

The commission said that it had conducted an urgent biannual study of 2023/24 budget year focusing on procurement, land possession, labour hire, disposal of properties and other issues of the ethics and anti-corruption commissions of the ministries, regions and city administrations.

The Commission also said that it was possible to save 678 million birr and 8,490 dollars from corruption through the anti-corruption measures taken by the ministries. It further said that 323 million birr and 68 thousand square metres of urban plots of land and 21 million square metres of rural lands were saved through 182 emergency anti-corruption measures implemented by commissions of regional and city administrations. 

It has been stated that the cases of those who are suspected of corruption in relation to displacement for the purpose of development are being investigated. 


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