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Abiy Awarded on Geopolitical considerations, nor merit , says Aklog


Yesterday, FAO awarded Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed what it calls a “prestigious” award. It has triggered mixed reactions. His political cadres – and recently he said the number of party members has reached 14 millions – are in a celebratory mood while there are critics who seem to link it to the globalist forces’ subtle move.

Aklog Birara worked for the World Bank for several years. In an interview with Anchor Media, he said the FAO award to Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed rather sounds like geopolitical considerations.

Watch his interview (Amharic) from the interview embedded below 

Video : embedded from Anchor Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Keep complaining, You said you worked for world Bank for 30 years? what did you do for Ethiopia with all that ”Knowledge” beside complaining? 🙂

    I never count Mesay, Ermias, Habtamu and their likes ….they are only taking advantage of uneducated/misinformed diaspora who believes everything they say because they luck one big knowledge as adult, they can’t verify or confirm if a news is true or false, they take it as is and think Ethiopia is about to collapse while she is growing and getting sexy each and every day…

    Wrong analysis Sir, i still believe you are biased …….

  2. Dr. Aklog is simply showing off his true Gondarine color. There is NO “geopolitical consideration” in Ethiopia being awarded FAO prize. Millions of trees were planted, no? Huge agricultural areas were cultivated with high yield, no? That was what FAO commended–a fight against poverty, towards self-sufficiency. One could disagree on details but the facts stand. Remember that FAO does have offices in Addis. In other words, it did observe activities Abiy’s Admin initiated had merits.

    What is so funny is that a couple days ago another guy had posted in Borkena a protest letter addressed to FAO DG! Unpleasantly, he as well as Dr. Aklog are from Amhara region and trying to prove to Fano hit squad that they are also patriots. In Fanoland, no Amhara is allowed to disagree with violence as the only option or offer an alternative.

    As I said elsewhere, I am not a supporter of Abiy. I am for my homeland and the welfare of all its people. Between Abiy and Barefoot Eskinder/Shylock Shaleqa I will always go with Abiy. Any recognition from whichever corner for my country will only make me rejoice. I will oppose any group (be it Shanee or Fano) who are on a destructive path and have little to offer in terms of compromise solutions. Not even to the Amhara who will soon be starving to death! Heartless group, Fano-ites are.

    As for Mesay, his only interest in (yellow) journalism is to make few bucks. Just look back at some of his “breaking news” that could not even make a 24-hour news cycle! Ethio365, Mesay, Ethio-??, Tedros Tsegaye are full of venom and not worth the time of any thinking person.


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