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Ethiopian PM Expresses Concern Over “Fake News” in Surprise State Media Visit

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Fana Broadcasting Corporate, one of the state-owned media in the country, on Saturday reported that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed paid a surprise visit to its office and studio. 

The source unspecified the time when he visited but it appears that it was on Saturday – just a day after the conclusion of the ruling party’s central committee meeting. 

Abiy is cited as saying that fake news has become a challenge to the media sector and to the country as well. “Fake news speed and the number of ways it reaches the audience has made the time more challenging.” 

The Prime Minister seems to think, based on the report, that there is a narrative problem in Ethiopia – and that makes the damage that fake news causes a serious one. 

Furthermore, he reportedly said that that is one of the reasons why his government prioritized reform in the media sector. And the reform measure has started taking measures that ensure shared narratives prevail. 

“As is seen now, as institutions strengthen ‘destructive thoughts’ will start to lose a place,” he added. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government has been facing a serious legitimacy crisis in the past few years after his government failed to ensure the security of Ethiopians and failed short of unifying the country. Worse, his government engaged in devastating wars – first in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and currently in the Amhara region. 

When he emerged as a Prime Minister in 2018 following an internal struggle within the now defunct Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and following Abiy Ahmed’s acceptance speech in the parliament, hopes were high that he would unify the country and make constitutional reform – which never happened.  


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  1. Sir! You are right that many stories we hear and read are fake news as part of vicious attack on the country by bigots. But several of the news we hear and read are also factual. Bombings of civilian corners using drones and heavy guns both in Oromia and Amhara regions are documented facts as reported by independent groups including Ethiopia’s own EHRC. Gross abuse of political prisoners has also being reported by the same groups. These are not fake news. Why are these happening? Why? It is time to do a thorough soul searching by every member of the leadership there including you, sir! You and those very few at the top of the echelon should be bold enough to ask the cardinal question: ‘Have we become lightening rods or even casus belli?’ Obbo Demeke bin Mekonnen might have come to such a conclusion and I commend him for making the bold decision to change a career. It is time for honest and thorough soul searching by the top leaders of the country and also by the leaders of every rebel group both in Amhara and Oromia region. This includes all those desperately fragmented peaceful opposition political parties. This carnage can not just go on and on unabated. Everyone of them should genuinely try to be part of the solution. I hope this call will sink in. Insha’Allah!!!


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