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Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity announces its  resolutions

Ethiopia 's ruling prosperity party
Ethiopia’s ruling party leaders during executive and central committee meeting. Party announced that Demeke Mekonnen has resigned as deputy president of the party. (Public Domain

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party issued a statement after winding up its meeting held from January 22-26/2024.

The Central Committee of the Party has decided, among other things, that the initiative taken to resolve differences through peaceful options with armed groups should be intensified.

Here are the resolutions taken by the central committee of the ruling Prosperity Party

  • The party stated in its resolution that work is being done to complete the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in the 2025 fiscal year.
  • The party indicated that in order to achieve complete national peace,  a direction has been set so that the peaceful negotiation with the armed groups would be continued in an intensified manner.
  • The party passed a resolution stating that, “peaceful means would be provided as far as possible for those who advance their demands in a peaceful way, but for those who need to fulfil their needs through guns, the appropriate law-enforcement measures would be taken”.
  • The party has also decided that the MoU signed with Somaliland shows Ethiopia’s stand for regional economic and cultural ties, and to bring the MoU to a practical agreement. Moreover, efforts are under way to get more access to sea gates on the give and take principle, the statement indicates.
  • The party stated that it would do what is expected of it as the one that leads the government in order for the national consultation process to be successful and the transitional justice and reform programs for ex-militants are carried out and come out fruitful in an appropriate manner. 


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  1. I am taking notes of this resolution by the central committee of the ruling party. As they say ‘talk can be cheap’ in a sense that it does not cost the talker any money. But it can cost a lot to others who may be adversely impacted by it. I am not sure what ‘the peaceful negotiation with the armed groups would be continued in an intensified manner.’ means. How will it be intensified? Are we talking about armed groups both in Oromia and Amhara regions or just the ones in Oromia only? Does this mean another week of vacation at a resort on the Indian Ocean or somewhere else? Or is it right there inside the country with citizens watching? But at least I commend you for making that a part of your resolution. It deserves my and every peace mongering countrymen/women best wishes.


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