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Ethiopian PM says, “Ethiopia has absolutely no interest in fighting against Somalia” 

Ethiopia Somalia - Abiy Ahmed
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed during a meeting with central committee members of his party (Photo : screenshot from Fana TV)


“When it comes to Somalia’s unity, this government cannot be tattled,” said Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday during a meeting with the central committee members of his party –  video footage of which were released on Wednesday and Thursday on state-owned media.

He emphasized that there is no interest in conflict with Somalia. “Ethiopia has absolutely no interest in fighting against Somalia,” he said. 

The Prime Minister seems to relate the reaction to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Somaliland to ongoing propaganda war. “When it comes to the Somaliland issue, initially, when we stated the need for a seaport, there was an extensive campaign implying that we were going to fight over Assab (part of Eritrea for the past 30 years). Now, when it involves Somaliland, the situation is not that it is welcomed; we are not fighting over Assab. Somaliland itself became the agenda,” Abiy told central committee members of his party.

Portraying Somalia as a brother, relative, and neighbor, more than anyone – as he puts it, he asserted that no country in the world has paid as much sacrifice as Ethiopia in support of Somalia. He stated that tens of thousands of Ethiopians sacrificed their lives in Somalia in defense of Somalia’s peace for over a decade now. 

(the part he is talking about Somalia starts from the 37th minute)

He also claimed efforts to unify Somalia by arranging a meeting between Somalia’s former president, Farmajo, and Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi.

Ethiopia and Somalia’s relationship is deteriorating after the MoU agreement with Somaliland, which was signed on January 1, 2024. Somalia sees it as a violation of its sovereignty and warns that it could go to war if implemented. To that end, Somalia has received assurance of support from Egypt and the Arab League. It also had a conversation with Eritrea about the development when Somali President Hassan Sheik visited Asmara last week.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did not confirm whether he is going ahead with the agreement, which was initially planned to be completed in one month from the time the MoU was signed. In an interview he gave this Wednesday, Musa Bihi Abdi said Somaliland will not allow Ethiopia to build a port in the area to be given to Ethiopia as a naval base. 

Ethiopia has tens of thousands of troops in Somalia as part of the African Union Peacekeeping Mission and a bilateral arrangement with the government of Somalia. There are reports that Ethiopian troops based in Kismayo are withdrawing.


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  1. This man living inside his delusions of grandeur is capable of saying anything, to contradict himself in the same sentence and stir chaos and confusion as a means to stay in power.
    But the worst aspect of his governance is that he has blended his political views with religion and especially with the Prosperity Gospel theology. In every successful state/country religion and politics are completely separate and should be.
    I wonder how many of my Ethiopian brothers know what the Prosperity Gospel really preaches and what its really about. I could explain, but I urge the readers to go on YouTube and look at the Prosperity Gospel documentary. Another very insightful documentary people should watch is ” The 9 characteristics of a successful dictator”. It gives examples of how Stalin, Kim Yong Un, Hitler, Adi Amin and others used textbook techniques to stay in power. Unfortunately for the proud and kind people of Ethiopia, the fake Dr. Abiy Ahmed shows all 9 major characteristics of a dictator. Very enlightening documentary, it will help resolve some of the confusion that this man creates, his divide and conquer ancient Roman style of governance and his narcissistic personality that prevents him not only from admitting to any mistake but also to surround himself with spineless yesmen that look forward to benefit from the crumbles that fall of the table to their greedy hands.
    God help Ethiopia by removing this snake before irreversible damage is done to the ancient and proud country, Ethiopia.

  2. Assab and the deliberate misleading phraseologies

    PM Abiy lecturing his dignitaries said “… ከኣሰብ ጋ ሊዋጉ ነው፡ ከኤርትራ ጋ ሊዋጉ ነው…,” translated to “… were going to fight with Assab, were going to fight with Eritrea … ,” as if Assab is a separate independent country. (Please check starting 39th min on video Borkena attached to this news)

    Now, Borkena reporting on that part of Abiy’s talk, you sprinkled your own hurriedly triturated spice saying – “… were going to fight over Assab (part of Eritrea for the past 30 years).”

    Dear Borkena, Assab is part and parcel of Eritrea since its colonization and dimitation by Italy. In fact, everything started in Assab in the late 1860s.

  3. “Ethiopia has absolutely no interest in fighting against Somalia”. Period! Full Stop!! End of story!!!

    Btw, are we being told or educated that Eritrea was created by the colonizing Italy? I’m just asking. In any case, let’s not forget the indelible fact that Eritrea has been an internationally recognized sovereign country with inviolable bounders on all its four corners since 1993. Let’s not mumble and jumble with nonsensical ‘Asab is ours’. What is next with that? ‘Djibouti is ours’? If you go on with that I am gonna jump up and claim Hodeidah, Aden, Mombasa(sounds Oromifaa to me!), Port Sudan, Jidda and on my good day I will include Alexandria in my claim. How do you like that?

  4. It just amazes me to observe how some of us crave to see Somalia and Ethiopia go to war because of MOU knowing the fact that fighting will render both nations weakest they have ever been leaving them with utter destruction that will take generations to rebuild. It shows how these daydreamers have deep seated hatred for the peoples of both countries. Just bonafide bigots!!!


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