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13 people die from measles in Hadiya Zone, Central Ethiopia Region

measles Hadiya _ Ethiopian News
Outbreak of measles in central Ethiopia has caused panic in the region. (Photo : Hadya Zone gov’t communication )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Reports indicated that 13 people died of measles outbreak in 5 Weredas of Hadiya Zone, Central Ethiopia Region, sources said.

A general practitioner at Shone Primary Hospital in Hadiya Zone, Dr. Fabyie Ayele, told Ethio-FM 107.8 Radio that a measles attack had been reported as an epidemic in the Zone some two months back.

“The outbreak is exposing the local community to severe stress, social and economic problems,” he said.

Dr. Fabiye said that more than 200 people in the Zone were diagnosed with measles. He further said that over 80 people who have been attacked by the measles are being treated at ICU (intensive care unit) level in the hospital.

Although it is the season of measles, failing to have vaccinated children when they should have been is the primary reason for the widespread occurrence of the disease, according to Dr. Fabiye

Earlier, due to the rise of the number of patients, we left the hospital and stayed outside to provide services. However, we were forced to go back to the hospital because the tents provided were full of patients making our task very difficult, Dr. Fabiye said.

Apart from the ones who have been admitted in the hospital, there are still measles patients who are getting treatment in more than three different places, Dr. Fabiye said.

The experts who say that Shone Primary Hospital announced about the cholera outbreak some two months back, the responses coming from the Weredas have caused the problem to spread, according to Dr. Fabiye.

Dr. Fabiye told Ethio-FM 107.8 Radio that since the Wereda officials had previously reported about the full delivery of the measles vaccine, they did not accept the latest regarding the worsening of the problem.

Accepting that the problem has occurred, the Zone asked for support from various bodies. Following the call, some regions have made pledges to provide support, according to Dr. Fabiye.

“There are many pledges made so far, but no confirmation has so far been reported about the arrival of the support,” Dr. Fabiye said.

The Measles outbreak has occurred in four Weredas including Shone Town of Hadiya Zone, Central Ethiopia Region.


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