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Ethiopian PM new narrative “Healing Fracture”


In what is said to be the regular central committee meeting of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP), Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed delivered a two-hour-long lecture under the theme “Healing Fracture.” FBC, the state-owned media, released the lecture in two parts. Among the many issues he frames as “fracture” is Ethiopia’s debt and he made claims that his government paid over 9 billion dollars since he took over as Prime Minister.

Based on past experiences, Abiy Ahmed’s rhetoric has often served as a precursor to the announcement of major actions. A few examples can be cited. For instance, when he sought the release of Sebhat Nega, a TPLF ideologue captured from the battlefront during the war between TPLF and Abiy Ahmed’s government, Abiy Ahmed appeared on state TV and spoke about the irrationality of arresting elderly people. The next day, Sebhat Nega was released. More recently, in November 2023, Abiy introduced what he called “The Great Narrative.” The outcome was the claim to access to the Red Sea – a development that brought Ethiopia into a collision course with Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia.

As of now, there is no speculation about Abiy Ahmed’s next move.

During his lecture, he revealed that his ruling party has 14 million members. However, he expressed doubt about the commitment and understanding of these members, stating that it requires a significant amount of work to make them comprehend what his party stands for.

He also touched up on the development with Somaliland in a way to send a message to Somalia. He said there is no intention to fight against Somalia.

Videos of Parts I and II of his lectures are featured below.

Part II

Video : embedded from FBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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