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Two Reasons Why the US and EU are Filling an Oceanic Gap in the Fano Hinterland

Fano - USA - EU

Yonas Biru, PhD

There are two possible reasons why the US and EU are entering the Fano landscape.

One possibility is fear that the Abiy administration is collapsing. In this case they may want to prop up a potential successor. They see Fano as one of the largest pieces in the jigsaw puzzle. This requires helping, nudging, pressuring, and incentivizing Fano to have a common front and a unified agenda.

Another possibility is interest in mitigating the current Fano uprising before it turns into a civil war. In this regard, they may wish to push for a negotiated settlement. This, too, requires establishing a unified Fano.

Ethiopia being home of the political hermits, some will see a third possibility. The US and EU are infiltrating Fano to sabotage it. The #NoMore colony may not be as cacophonous as it used to be, but it is not dead.

The Fanno movement is a spontaneous uprising that took the Amhara tribal land by storm. By its very nature the Fanno movement is not centralized. It is a protest movement. Its demands are to stop the mass killing, stop the mass forced displacement, stop the mass arrest, and stop targeting Amhara. Let us call this Project A.

The Fanno movement has been effective in this regard. The silence of Shimelis Abdissa who in the past served as Oromummaa’s ጡሩምባ ነፊ attests to Fano’s success. ያዙኝ ልቀቁኝ ትል የነበረችው ሽሜ ዛሬ ከደብቁኝ አልፋ በቁሜ ቅበሩኝ ማለት እየዳዳት ነው::

The more difficult issue is how to bring about a system that will transform the spontaneous uprising into a more organized form of struggle. Let us call this Project B. This is why the spontaneous Fanno movement requires an equally dynamic political architecture with a robust agenda, dynamic strategy, adoptive roadmap, and a clear and viable endgame. The two projects need to go concurrently. This is where the Amhara intellectual class was supposed to rise.

The Amhara intellectual has failed to establish a forum to bring the Fanno under a broad political umbrella. Rather than being opinion leaders, the hermitized intellectual class at home and abroad have reduced themselves into two groups. The first group has made itself a groupie of one Fano faction or another. The second group is engaged in እድር-ወ-ፅዋ traditional mediation that relies on the science of አንተም ተው አንቺም ተይ doctrine of እርቅ between Fano factions. I call them English speaking Amhara Aba Gedaas.

Missing on the Fano hinterland is a unifying political platform to create a robust agenda, dynamic strategy, adoptive roadmap, and a clear and viable endgame. It is impossible to sugarcoat it. The hermit political class failed, leaving an oceanic gap in the opinion making marketplace. This led the US and EU to entering the Fano Universe through the back door. I can imagine the #NoMore idiocy jump starting its machinery.

Rant if you must.

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  1. You’re making it up as you go. Look at one of your assumptions; Fanno taking the nation “by storm.” When was that? You lost credibility a while back when you started insulting any who challenged you. Once you dent your standing it is hard to get it back, no matter how much you try to polish your language.


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