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Ethiopia to increase drinking water supply to Djibouti 

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ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopia has decided to increase the 20,000 cubic meters of drinking water production being supplied to Djibouti every day to 100,000 cubic meters, sources said.

The Minister of Water and Energy, Dr. Habtamu Iteffa, said in an interview given to Voice of America, that works are being carried out for the implementation of this decision.

In addition to drinking water, the minister pointed out that there are resources that Ethiopia can share with its neighbouring countries, which will help strengthen regional ties and grow together, Habtamu said.

Senior economic researcher, Dr. Abule Mehari, who commented on the issue, said that the move was important, but indicated that the agreement “requires caution”. 


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  1. Djibouti is made up of mainly the Afars and Somalis(mainly Issas). There are more Afars and Issas in Ethiopia than there are in Djibouti itself. One of my Issa friends once told me that every Issa has kin and kit who live in Ethiopia and it is the same with the Afars. Such intertwining of people between the two countries goes down all the way to the clan level. This sharing of natural resources does not come as a surprise to me knowing we Ethiopians are one of the most generous people you can find anywhere. Just look at their generosity to the people of proper Somalia. They have been providing potable water to their Somali neighbors free of charge by billions of gallons every year for thousands of years using the Wabi Shebele, Ganaale and Dawa pipe lines. Just remember that. I recently heard that too much silt has been deposited and built up in these rivers inside Ethiopia and it is very advisable not to disturb that. If some one tries to poke and nudge this built up silt it may create what hydrologists call an alluvial tsunami and that will force the rivers to flow backwards. People must be very, very careful. I’m just saying.

  2. There was a 5.4 earthquake near the town of Obock in Djibouti on Thursday. A 5.4 earthquake can do damage and I hope our dear Djiboutian neighbors are not adversely affected by it. I have been worried about a major earthquake hitting a major residential areas in any one of those 3 countries of The Horn of Africa. This one is reported to have been felt in the city of Djibouti also. That region is on an active plate and May The Almighty save those countries.


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