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300 million Birr support given to Tigray Region

Tigray support - Labour and Skills Development Ministry
Minister of Labour and Skills Development, Muferihat Kamil (Pubic Domain0

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Ministry of Labour and Skills has announced that it has provided support of 300 million birr to the Tigray Region, sources said.

The ministry said that the support would be used for job creation and utilization of the youth as well as for the revival of the manufacturing sector in the region, Ethio-FM 107.8 Radio reported here yesterday.

Minister of Labour and Skills, Muferihat Kamil, has officially launched the one-centre training and job creation project for the young people in Tigray Region  funded by the Federal Government and the World Bank.

The minister said that the job opportunities should be for our own benefit and the society by developing the creative environment.

President of the Interim Administration of the Tigray Region, Getachew Reda, thanked the Federal Government and the World Bank for the support provided so that the young people can benefit from job opportunities.

Getachew also requested that the support given by the Federal Government and the World Bank to rebuild infrastructure should be strengthened.

It was also stated on the occasion that 100 million Birr would be used to create job opportunities for the youth in the region and 200 million to stimulate the manufacturing sector in the Region.

Head of Technical and Vocational Education, Training and Job Creation Bureau of Tigray Interim Administration, Genet Arefe said on her part that the support would be used as a starting capital for the two thousand youths who are being given skills training.


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  1. This is another over qualified, fire spitting patriot among our women. I am madly proud of her and I ask all of you to join me in wishing our sister H.E. Muferihat bint Kamil and all other women in the leadership of that gem of the colored nothing but success in their blessed endeavor to bring peace, stability and economic well-being to their citizens. Go get’em tigress!!!


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