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Is the United Arab Emirates Behind the Ethiopia-Somaliland Maritime Deal?


Mohammed Hassen is a Belgium-based Ethiopian with a background in diplomacy and politics. He has also authored books on Ethiopia.

Anchor Media interviewed him in connection with the controversial Ethiopia-Somaliland port deal. According to him, Abiy Ahmed’s actions have ignited Somali nationalism. Even ethnic Somali politicians and parliamentarians in Kenya, he said, have expressed anger and opposition to the maritime deal.

For Mohammed Hassan, the United Arab Emirates is behind the port deal. He seems to have valuable information on the subject, as well as on Abiy Ahmed’s administration and the United Arab Emirates government relations. Of course, he seems to be keeping the sources confidential.

His interview is featured below. What do you think of Mohammed Hassan’s view? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Video : embedded from Anchor Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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