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Somali Response to the Ethio-Somaliland MoU, Regional Tensions


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ethiopia and Somaliland, at the beginning of this month, has noticeably caused tension in the Horn of Africa.

Somalia has been campaigning to garner diplomatic, political, and even military support in the event of further escalation—indeed, Somalia appears to be actively escalating it. Egypt, a country that has been acting as an irrational superpower in the region, particularly on matters related to Ethiopia, has already publicly declared military support for Somalia. President El-Sisi used the phrase “Do not test our patience”—apparently directed at Ethiopia—and he stated it within the context of the MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Responses to the developments within Ethiopia have been divergent. From the trajectory of government officials‘ view, the deal is seen as something that benefits both Ethiopia and Somaliland. Mustafa Mohamed, president of the Somali region of Ethiopia, has expressed similar views, as reported in the state-owned media.

However, there are also ethnic Somali politicians who tend to doubt the deal, to say the least, and sympathize with Somalia. Jemal Diriye, an ethnic Somali member of parliament and opposition politician, seems to emphasize the importance of ethnic factors in the event of a military conflict with Somalia. Among other things,  he seems to be very skeptical about a naval base that would come with the arrangement between Ethiopia and Somaliland. 

His discussion in the video below (watch after 1:37:00 minutes) seems to be worth listening to.

Video : embedded from Ye Hasab Gebeta YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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