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Ethiopian PM at Non-Aligned Movement Summit: Landlocked Nations Face Insurmountable Development Challenges

Ethiopia Landlocked - Non-Aligned Movement
Abiy Ahmed at Non-Aligned Movement summit in Kampala (Photo : Public Domain)


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been experiencing strained relations, to say the least, with Ethiopia’s neighboring country. This tension escalated in November 2023 when Abiy Ahmed made a statement asserting Ethiopia’s right to access the Red Sea. The situation deteriorated further after his government signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Somaliland, the breakaway region Somalia regards as just Northern Somalia, on January 1, 2024.

Somalia viewed the MoU agreement as a “violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.” In response, it has been mobilizing support from multilateral organizations, such as the Arab League, and state actors like Eritrea and Egypt, among others.

On his first overseas trip since the MoU agreement, which happens to be to Uganda where the Non-Aligned Movement summit  is taking place and where heads of state from various countries convened, he seized the opportunity to clarify his government’s pursuit of access to the sea.

He tweeted : 

“In my remarks today during the 19th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement, I reiterated that landlocked countries face insurmountable challenges hindering their ability to fulfill the demands of their people for adequate and sustained livelihoods and to ensure their development.

Ethiopia continues to seek a peaceful, mutually beneficial, and negotiated solution to such a challenge.”

If the MoU agreement with Somaliland takes root, Ethiopia will have access to a twenty-kilometer stretch of coastal land on a fifty-year lease basis. In return, Ethiopia is obligated to transfer a percentage of shares from national assets, such as Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio-Telecom. Recognizing the independence of Somaliland is also a condition that Somaliland expects Ethiopia to fulfill. The political and diplomatic price Ethiopia is already paying for it is significant. Some observers tend to view Ethiopia’s MoU agreement with Somaliland as equivalent to recognizing Somaliland as a sovereign state.

There have been concerns that the situation could escalate into an outright war between Ethiopia and Somalia. State actors and multilateral organizations have been urging the two countries to engage in negotiations, a proposal that Somalia is currently rejecting. The government of Somalia states, “There is no room for mediation unless Ethiopia retracts its illegal MoU and reaffirms the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.”

PM Abiy returned to Addis Ababa on the same day. Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the state media, reported that the PM held discussions with Kenyan President William Ruto and Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe on the sidelines of the summit. He also engaged in discussions with Akinwumi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank. FBC did not specify the subject matter of the sideline discussions.


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  1. Western affinity bias exposed --Ethiopia and Ethiopia's first approach should be followed at all costs, every other day, and by all means Western affinity bias exposed --Ethiopia and Ethiopia's first approach should be followed at all costs, every other day, and by all means

    Dear Borkena editors

    All Ethiopians wish you the happiest and most prosperous year in 2024.

    Having said that, you seem to be buying all the propaganda of western refugee politics and contributing to it through your information-propagation project.

    Have you received payment from the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to support their act of hypocrisy, which involves highlighting the living conditions of Eritrean refugees excessively and failing to properly and impartially acknowledge the genocide and suffering endured by Ethiopians under the Abiy Ahmed regime? You know, people say charity begins at home.

    Therefore, it is an act of a levity-headed and ethical person to speak and fight for the rights of his own people before proceeding to diffuse the propaganda handed over to him or her by crooked and corrupt people like Chaiman of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. The so-called Ethiopian Rights Commission failed to condemn Abiy Ahmed and his allies for having massacred and starved Tigrayans and Oromos to death. Besides, to this day, the western world continues to show its reluctance and turn a blind eye to the millions of deaths from starvation, the massacre of children, and other tragedies in Ethiopia, while speaking up for and supporting those who live in other parts of the world (that is where affinity bias reveals itself, an act of favoring those who share the same background, color, race, etc. and being race conscious in their attitudes and treatment of the western world).

    Starting with Ethiopians (Ethiopia first) is the ideal approach, then discussing foreigners (Eritreans, etc.) kicks in. Currently, Ethiopians are living as strangers and refugees after having been displaced within their own country. It’s not about people who left Eritrea’s military training to live better lives in Ethiopia after getting money from friends in a western country; rather, it’s about defenseless civilians in Ethiopia who are dying daily from bombs and those sick, elderly, and children who are starving to death because there is a never-ending massacre that simultaneously causes the depletion of food and medicine.

    Priority to the needs of all Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or any kind of affiliation, and then foreigners and even the socalled self-serving expats.

    Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s first approach should be followed at all costs, every other day, and by all means
    The affinity bias of the wealthy western nations is clearly visible in their support for Ukraine, all the while disregarding the suffering and killings of children and innocent civilians in Ethiopia, Tigray, and Oromia for over two years, and even more so now against Amharas. At the cost of millions of lives being slaughtered, they were and continue to be relentlessly supportive of the Abiy Ahmed regime. Speaking of the bad apples and traitors based in the west, Amhara elites who cheered the killings of tigrayans and oromos and danced with Eritreans were suffering from internalized animosity for their Ethiopian brothers and sisters at home in dire situations. Tigrayans were thrown to the river, bound with their hands and legs, and others were burned alive. Ethiopia remains an earthly hell, with its people condemned to remain on death row by the murderous tyranny of Abiy Ahmed, the 7th King, for no other reason than that they belong to a certain ethnic or religious community.

    NB: Against your article entitled ” Abiy Ahmed’s Gov’t Reportedly Arresting Eritrean Refugees” and posted on
    January 10, 2024.

      • QUOTE: Don’t allow your heart to hate. UNQOTE

        Humble Short Opinion, 24 Jan 2024.
        a). Very Wise Advice. Indeed, no need to HATE.
        b). Ethiopia — one. of the WISEST, ANCIENT, INDEPENDENT Country around the
        Globe — should know much better.
        —————— NO MORE TO WRITE ————-.


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