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IOM says over 3.45 million internally displaced from across the country 

Tigray and Somali identified as regions hosting the highest number of internally displaced Ethiopians

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A displaced mother in Borena with newborn baby (photo : OM/ Kaye Viray / IOM)


In an update published on January 19, 2024, International Organization For Migration (IOM) says over 3.45 million people have been internally displaced from 12 regions of Ethiopia.  It is indicated that the number could be much higher as there are areas that were not accessible for different reasons.  

How was that established? IOM says it collected data employing Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) methodology between August and September 2023. 

Its study in the Amhara region did not cover large areas due to the security situation – apparently relating to the fighting between Fano forces and Ethiopian government troops which was happening in all parts of the region. 

Regarding the causes of the displacement, IOM identified conflict as a major factor. Displacement linked to conflict in the country constituted about 64 percent. Drought and social tension, as factors, make up 17 percent and 9 percent respective, based on the report from IOM. 

Also, IOM made claims that the Tigray region of Ethiopia hosts the highest number of displaced people due to conflict, and the Somali region hosts a large number of IDPs displaced mainly because of drought. 

Findings about returning IDPs is included in the IOM’s report. In that regard the organization said it has employed a Village Assessment Survey (VAS)  during the same period ( August-September 2023).  An estimated 2.53 million IDPs returned across 2000 villages in 11 regions of Ethiopia. “The highest returning IDP caseloads nationwide were in the regions of Tigray (59%), Amhara (15%), and Afar (8%),” IOM said. 

Report from the study is available here 


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