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National digital ID to be a requirement to get access to government services

Ethiopia National Digital ID
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Director of the National Digital Identity Service, Yodahe Zemikael, told local media outlets that Ethiopians would be required  to have a digital ID if they need to get access to government services.

After the registration process, the system, which is said to be implemented in different phases by various government institutions, “any one who does not have a national digital ID “will be blocked from accessing social services”, according to the director.

“We have a plan to transform all services into a digital identity,” Yodahe added.

The director also revealed that institutions have the right to deny services to customers who visit them without national digital IDs.

Director of the National Digital Identity Service further said that while nearly four million citizens have registered to get the service, the set deadline to register all citizens with appropriate age level for the ID in 2025 may be pushed to 2028.

Meanwhile, according to the National Digital Identity Service, the information being shared about the National ID issue is incorrect.  

Communication Director of National ID Service, Ebenezer Feleke, stated in an interview with Ethio FM that not having a national ID will not necessarily prevent community members from accessing necessary services. However, possessing a national ID can be an additional option for obtaining services. 


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  1. All people couldn’t have this national ID because of their poor system management.

    I applied for an ID in August; however, I couldn’t receive this ID for unknown reason. The 29 digit they printed and gave on a very small paper removed from the paper in my wallet. Later on, after all my friends received the ID, I tried to contact the branch to where I applied and the headquarter of National ID too. Both concerned body couldn’t solve my problem.

    Their system could not allow to access an individual data to edit, or reprocess except that 29 digit number.

    Poor system management!


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