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City Administration announces it takes legal action against those who obstruct tax collection

Addis Ababa Tax - Adanech
Adanech Abibie, Addis Ababa Mayor (Photo : PD)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Mayor of Addis Ababa has recently announced that legal action would be taken against any government employees who engage in theft, malpractice, or other illegal actions that obstruct the collection of tax revenue.  

On January 14, 2024 the Mayor of the Addis Ababa City Administration, Adanech Abebie, convened a recognition and award forum for “honest taxpayers” under the theme “Tax for Nation-Glory.” During the event, Mayor Adanech made clear her administration’s commitment to taking legal action against government employees who engage in corrupt practices such as negotiating with taxpayers illegally while in the office, neglecting their government responsibilities, and participating in theft. The mayor emphasized that this was the fifth time the forum had been convened. 

Adanech has announced that the City Administration has been actively pursuing information on thieves who operate outside the law and government employees who engage in illegal negotiations with taxpayers and the government. They will be punished appropriately for their actions.

“There is a small group of individuals who cheat on their taxes, conduct transactions without receipts, and attempt to steal the revenue collected from honest taxpayers by using illegal receipts. These corrupt practices harm the development of our country. We should all unite and condemn these individuals, and fight against such activities,” Adanech said.

“The mayor stated that the City Administration is working tirelessly towards achieving growth and prosperity with the income gathered from our loyal taxpayers. She explained that the implementation of large-scale projects and good governance initiatives has created job opportunities, stimulated the economy, and has brought significant changes to the city administration.”

“We will modernize our operations and service provision and hold undocumented immigrants accountable by law, just as we recognize and celebrate taxpayers who pay their dues,” Adanech said.

“We have successfully completed projects that have made Addis Ababa, just like its name suggests, a beautiful flower, comfortable for its residents, and maintained its status as the African capital and a global diplomatic center, thanks to the honest taxpayers,” she said adding that although a lot has been accomplished, the Revenue Bureau still needs to work on the issue of individuals who fail to pay their taxes honestly in the future.

Head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Revenue Bureau, Adem Nuri, announced that in the fiscal year 2023, 95 taxpayers were in the platinum category, 185 in gold, and 282 in silver. These taxpayers had a high level of compliance with the law and were recognized and rewarded through an appreciation program. As a result, a total of 562 loyal taxpayers were awarded. Nuri explained that selection was based on thirteen criteria that were used to evaluate and recognize taxpayers under the tax law.

The following criteria are used to determine recognition and awards for taxpayers: basic taxpayer information, timely tax declarations, taxpayer penalty history, differences in audit findings and return requests, ratio of income contribution to average tax collected by the branch, exemption from tax fraud and theft, tax debt payment status, annual sales amount, level of threat assigned by customs, use of sales registration equipment and receipts, as well as information obtained from the police and prosecutors, according to Adem.

The Addis Ababa City Administration Revenue Office aims to collect 140.29 billion birr in the 2016 fiscal year. It is worth noting that the office had initially planned to collect 107.59 billion birr, but it managed to exceed its target by collecting 109.08 billion birr. 


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  1. This b**ch Adanech got fat off the illegal tax money her failed government collected and wants to keep her dirty hand in the honey pot. Governments collect tax to provide protection to their citizens not murder them. Tax is collected to provide peace not put them in jail. Tax is collected to pay for sewers, clean water, fix roads, hold elections that are fair and democratic, bring about equality for all citizens, educate the young generation to have a prosperous society etc. These vultures want to scavenge money from the hides of the poor to buy properties in Dubai, build palaces in the damn forest when people in Tigray are eating dust, and other vanity projects.
    Seyameresh yikeral ache woosha!

    Victory to the men and women of Fanno. Yes, they are coming and there is no hiding! Better make your confession now and beg for forgiveness before it is too late.


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