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Eyayu Fungus” Banned: A Subject of Widespread Discussion

Eyayu Fungus - Satire - Ethiopia
Eyayu Fengus on stage (Photo :file/wazema)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – After the staging of “Eyayu Fungus,” a one-man political satire show performed twice a week by playwright Bereket Belayneh and actor Girum Zenebe, the production was “banned” on Thursday, January 11, 2023, people are now sharing their views on social media, according to sources. 

After the ban, some expressed concerns about the uncertainty surrounding the potential prohibition of other plays at any time, while others voiced appreciation for the decision to ban “Eyayu Fungus,” asserting that “nobody can criticize the government,” as reported by Tikvah-Ethiopia.

An individual who shared their opinion with Tikvah-Ethiopia stated, “The play revealed the reality on the ground through satirical comedy. Even the government should learn from it, but blocking it is wrong.”

On the other hand, another commenter remarked, “It is possible to directly address the government’s drawbacks instead of criticizing it indirectly. This play has been tarnishing the relationship between the government and the people.”

The social media page of “Eyayu Fungus” indicated that a day before the official ban of the play, government security bodies had issued a warning to Alem Cinema, instructing them to cease staging the play.

Following this, Alem Cinema informed the organizers about the decision made by government officials and subsequently terminated the contract.

Tikvah-Ethiopia learned from the administrative body of Alem Cinema that the reason given by officials for the ban was that “the play incites the people against the government.”

According to Tikvah-Ethiopia, the popular satirical comedy “Eyayu Fungus” was initially staged in March 2014.


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  1. Anemic and short sighted dwarfs in the government who walk amidst the brave Ethiopian citizens with their dirty laundry but can’t stand anyone pointing the stain of corruption, murder, theft, abuse of power, stifling democracy, and idiocy they wear day in day out. What is laughable it the fact that this article says Eyayu points the ills of this severely sick government indirectly as they prefer a direct approach! What a shitty and childish statement to make! Here are some direct statements about the idiots running the Ethiopian government;
    1. They are murderers
    2. They are thieves
    3. They are corrupt in every way imaginable
    4. They are inhumane
    5. They are incompetent
    6. They are liars
    7. They are ethnic gas bags
    8. They don’t give a flying f**k about Ethiopia and Ethiopians
    9. They are cowards
    10. My favorite…Their days are numbered!!!

    Victory to the men and women of Fanno!!! They are coming folks…Thank God almighty Fanno is coming folks!!


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