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Ethiopian Air Force Announces Possession of Su-30 Fighter Jets,  Strategic Combat Drones 

Ethiopian Air Force -

By Staff Reporter


The Ethiopian Air Force disclosed yesterday that it has equipped itself with modern Su-30 fighter jets and strategic combat drones.

The initial deliveries of Su-30 fighter jets and strategic unmanned combat drones occurred yesterday at the Ethiopian Air Force premises in Debre-Zeit Town, as announced by the Federal Defence Forces on their social media page.

At the handover ceremony held at Debre-Zeit Air Field, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, emphasized that the possession of the world’s best Su-30 fighter jets and strategic drones is crucial for thwarting attacks on the country.

The Field Marshal pointed out that modern fighter planes and strategic drones, which belong to the 5th generation, play a significant role in modernizing the Ethiopian Air Force.

Meanwhile, a modern Ethiopian combat drone flying near the Ethiopian Air Force field in Debre-Zeit Town reportedly crashed for an unknown reason, according to sources.


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  1. SU 30 baby, lets go!! This is one of the coolest fighter jets out there. I am glad our Ethiopia got some of them. more to come…

    By the way this deal with Russia was done over 3 years ago by our wise leader who has been predicting what is coming and he has been preparing for it. For those of you who are trying to relate this delivery with Somaliland deal :) please punch yourself…

  2. Hey guys! You missed the main purpose of advanced and very expensive fighter jets like this one. It is extremely useful in fumigating and eradicating starvation and killer famines. You can extinguish deadly malaria, dengue, cholera and even COVID-19 and all of its variants in a single sortie. All you have to do is, fly over the citizens suffering from these calamities and drop a single bomb. Boom! Every disease and starvation is gone!!!!

    • Ittu Aba Farda,

      you sound like Ash and HOPE from

      Hope used to oppose the construction of the GERD now see how GERD attracted the world attention for lots of reasons.

      Our country needs more advanced military equipment more than ever. Too much bad eyes on us if you notice after they see Ethiopia is back. just saying sir


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