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Ethiopia : Concerns Arise Due to Neglect of Indigenous Civil Society Organizations

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ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – While the number of registered civil society organizations in Ethiopia has surpassed 4,700, there is growing concern about the lack of attention given to a significant portion of those operating at the local level, according to sources.

The Weekly Amharic Reporter reported that a survey conducted by lawyer Debebe Hailegebriel sheds light on the current status and challenges faced by civic society organizations.

Debebe, in his research paper, highlighted that despite the growing number of civil society organizations established in the country, the lack of expatriate support and their limited capacity have led to insufficient attention being given to organizations closely connected with the community. This poses a concern that needs correction.

Consequently, despite these organizations operating in close proximity to society, they have not fulfilled the expectations placed upon them.

Debebe also noted that the absence of a legal framework enabling numerous small civil society organizations to collaborate effectively has remained a significant obstacle.

Furthermore, Debebe explained that civil society organizations’ inability to fulfill their anticipated roles is attributed to factors such as the security crisis, challenges in the civic environment, limited participation in policy-making, and a lack of acceptance among society. These factors have hindered their ability to make meaningful contributions.

Debebe highlighted that the draft policy document for the participation of civil society organizations has been formulated but not yet ratified. This circumstance has compelled the organizations to confine themselves to short-term projects instead of engaging in long-term plans.

It has been reported that 70 percent of all civil society organizations in Ethiopia have a local base, while the remaining 30 percent are classified as charitable organizations. 


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