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Ethiopia’s diplomacy has severely been tested over the last three years: Ethiopian President

Two years ago the Ethiopian president shared her rich experience in the diplomatic field to appoint ambassadors. That day she advised the Ethiopian ambassadors saying that those who are in the field should differentiate between politics and diplomacy. “You are representatives of our country. You don’t represent any political party. Politics and diplomacy are different things…” she said.

The next day the Premier who heard this called all the same diplomats for a meeting. Then he told them to forget what they were told the other day by the President. “Don’t give a damn to what she told you. You are the ambassador of the Prosperity Party. You speak about the Prosperity Party wherever you go. You have taken representation of the party. If you oppose this, better for you not to travel where you have been assigned to. The decision is yours,” the Premier reportedly told the appointee Ethiopian ambassadors…(Anchor Media)

Ethiopian News - Ethiopia's Dipmonacy
During the opening ceremony of Ethiopia’s Diplomatic Week Exhibition (PD)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA , (BORKENA) – Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde said that Ethiopia’s diplomacy has endured challenges and “been tested over the past three years”.

In her opening message she conveyed at an event of the ‘Ethiopian Diplomacy Week’ yesterday, the president emphasized that the public should be given clear information about Ethiopian diplomacy.

Even in countries that do not have an ancient diplomatic system like Ethiopia, diplomatic activities are frequently made public, the president said, adding that Ethiopia should also pay due attention to this.

President Sahilework Zewdie said that taking into account the existence of a complex and dynamic international diplomatic approach, efforts are needed to be exerted to fully transform Ethiopia into a diplomatic process suitable for the 21st century.

An exhibition that displays the 116 years diplomatic history of Ethiopia has been opened under the title “Our Diplomacy for our National Interest”.

Including President Sahilework Zewdie, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnin, senior government officials, ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of international institutions, leaders of non-governmental organizations as well as scholars and researchers in the field were in attendance at the opening ceremony. 


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  1. The quote above of what the President and the PM said was provided by Anchor Media. Anchor Media/Mesay Mekonnen did not provide evidence because there is no evidence whatsoever. Anchor Media is the least reliable media outlet today. Borkena does not seem to care about its sources. The sources it cares to use are those that served its partisan politics. In other words, not about Truth and Facts but about propaganda.

  2. A nut job advocating for another nut job. This child and street leader Abiy is nothing more than a neighborhood hoodlum. A liar, a murderer, a thief, and “rekash” animal. His days among the likes of you are numbered. Diplomacy, civility , compassion, humanity, good governance, peace, love for God, country and family at a peril in Ethiopia because of Abiy & co.

    • “Diplomacy, civility , compassion, humanity, good governance, peace, love for God, country and family at a peril in Ethiopia because of Abiy & co.” well summarizes present crises in our country.

  3. Subject ” Ethiopia’s diplomacy has severely been tested over the last three years: Ethiopian President, January 12, 2024″

    Humble Opinion, 15 Jan 2024
    a) It is always easy to SAY than to DO.

    b) It is so sad that the ancient, independent, free country on Earth, Ethiopia has to remain stagnant.

    c) We see so many Articles designed as show pieces of literature from the so-called Holders of Doctor of Philosophy
    Degrees ( i.e. a piece of paper) from various universities around the Globe.

    d) That is all. And the oldest free country in the world — ETHIOPIA — remains STAGNANT to its own adulation,
    believing in its own superiority in the entire Continent of Black Africa and many other countries around the Globe.

    e) Question: What did Ethiopia achieve in its ENTIRE history?

    f) Let us be honest to ourselves without dangerously sounding off

    g) INDEPENDENT ETHIOPIA IS ‘GLORIOUSLY NOTHING’ with just a word of eight English alphabets.

    h) Wishing good luck to Ethiopia seems to amount to NOTHING.

    ———- THE END ————-

  4. Silence everyone! Our sister/mother H.E. President Sahle-Work Zewde is speaking! A masterpiece, dear madam! This is how gifted our women are! Just to the point and as usual flawless!!!!

  5. You shut your mouth you slave! Shale-Work or anyone who is aiding and abetting this psychopath leader and his incompetent murderous outfit will have to face the consequences come the men and women of Fanno ascertain guaranteed victory. Aiding this schizophrenic leader comes in many forms be it serving on this failed government or being a silent member or whatever. The likes of her are cowards who don’t oppose the devil knowing in their hearts of heart that everything this catastrophe of a government is doing is absolutely wrong and unacceptable.

    • No outright opposition isn’t necessarily collaboration. Politics for some is the “art of the possible.” You tend to hold a very pessimistic view: all aboard, burn the world. You need to allow others to have their say, in their own way. Moreover, you and others like you need to abstain from playing the ethnic card. Yes, Sahle-Work is Amhara; but Sahle-Work is also a seasoned diplomat and a patriot. I don’t see a problem with that; her presence and those like her in government is extremely important, in some small measure, to save the nation from descending into anarchy. Btw, I too am greatly disappointed by Abiy Admin’s incompetence and corruption.


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