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Ethiopian Red Cross Staff Killed in the Tigray Region

Photo credit : VOA Amharic


The Ethiopian Red Cross has announced that one of its staff members was killed in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The attackers are unidentified.

On Friday, VOA Amharic service reported that Woldu Aregawi, a driver, was killed while transporting a mother to the hospital for delivery. The attack occurred in the Ambasneyt district of the region.

Kidanemariam Surafel, the head of Ambaseneyt district, confirmed the killing and expressed apologies for the incident that happened in his district. An investigation is currently underway, according to the source.

The victim reportedly passed away while being transported to the hospital in Nebelet town of Adi Gudom area.

Mesfin Dereje, the head of the Ethiopian Red Cross Humanitarian, Diplomacy, and Communication Service, stated, “The incident should be condemned as it hampers humanitarian service.” Mr. Mesfin added that similar attacks are occurring in different parts of the country, emphasizing the need to protect the security of humanitarian workers who serve the public in troubled areas.

Similar instances occurred in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in early December 2023. In the Delata area of the Wogel Tena region, two hospital staff members were killed when an Ethiopian Defense Force Drone struck an Ethiopian Red Cross ambulance. In the Oromia region, considered the epicenter of the security crisis in Ethiopia, ambulances belonging to the Ethiopian Red Cross were also attacked.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been widely criticized for failure to maintain security in different parts of the country. 


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