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Open Letter to Ethiopian Generals & PParity Officials.  Wake up to stop committing crime against the Ethiopian People 

General Abebaw Tadesse – Deputy Defense Chief of Staff (photo : public domain)

By Rasselas Weldemariam 

Attention to Gen. Abebaw Tadesse, Gen. Yilma Merdassa, Gen.Hassen Ibrahim, Gen. Getachew  Gudina and all the other generals & colonels 

Dictators have the ability to manipulate and control their followers, often leading them to  commit heinous crimes and atrocities. Many infamous dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini,  Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam  convinced their followers that their regimes would last forever, even though history has  shown that dictators come and go.  

After encouraging their followers to commit such crimes, dictators often meet violent ends  or flee, leaving behind blood-stained armies and cadres. Unfortunately, it is the blind  followers who pay the biggest price. In the case of Ethiopia,regrettably, the army gave  allegiance to dictator Mengistu Hailemariam instead of Ethiopia. When it became obvious  that the army was about to be defeated, senior generals like General Fanta Belay,  Demussie Bulto, and many others decided to push him out of the country while he was  traveling to East Germany. They made a huge mistake by being too soft on him. They  organized a coup d’état to save the army from defeat, the young soldiers from dying in a  senseless war, and bring about peace. However, dictators have a magical power to control  the mindless cadres and followers. So these mindless followers went and destroyed the  last chance for survival.  

A few brigades of airborne divisions went and killed generals like Demussie Bulto and others  on the streets of Asmara. Airborne commandos led by a cadre called Mesfin Kebede killed  almost all the generals who were leading the Army in Eritrea. Soon after the massacre of the  generals in the streets of Asmara, the dictatorial regime collapsed. That brought the defeat.  When the army tried to flee to Sudan, probably ten thousand of the army were massacred  by the EPLF. The aftermath was a total humiliation. The army was disarmed, put into  concentration camps, and eventually released to beg on the street to feed their own kids  and wives..  

Hitler too convinced that his regime lasted for thousands years and made them believe in  the superiority of the Aryan Race and defeat was unthinkable. But when he declared Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the vast Russian territory it was clear for the real  generals that it is ambitious to wage war on the Eastern front on British and the American  allies and wage a war of annulment of the Soviet union. Hitler was a simple corporal and an army messenger during the first world war with no education in military science. He is like  Abiy Ahemed. Abiy Ahmed too was a messenger and simple radio operator with no  knowledge of military science. 

So the generals like Field Marshal Rommel conspired to stop Hitler from working for the final  defeat of Germany. They tried to get rid of Hitler to avoid a disastrous defeat that led to  5.3 million casualties & around 1.1 million died in Soviet POW camps and the number of  displaced Germans is estimated to be between 12.0 and 16.5 million. The death toll  attributable to the flight and expulsions was estimated at 2.2 million by the West  German government in 1958. 

When the danger is around the corner, professional generals like Rommel and Demise  Bulto see it at a distance but dictators are blind to catastrophic failure. No double Abiy  will be defeated! 

Hitler like Mengistu, took revenge by ordering the loyal SS guards to kill the generals.  

.A Message to Abiy’s Generals 

Look, Birhanu Jula to begin with is not a soldier in Semen Shewa. He was a soldier of  Mengistu Hailemariam who surrendered to the TPLF and lent his father name Jula to be used  by the TPLF to subjugate and kill his own ethnic groups and families. 

What I want to Address the other generals like General Abebaw is Dictators are not eternal. Despite the tricks and magic of Abiy Ahmed, his regime will last the maximum of two and  half years. He will be removed either with a bullet soon or the ballet box in two and half years. 

Abiy is the most hated person in Eritrea, Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, Garage, Gamma,  Welayeta, Smali, Somalia, the entire Orthodox Christians, Muslims with exception of a few  Oromo extremists. Even the Protestant prophets who used to defend him started telling  prophecies about the unavoidable death in the Minilik palace. Almost unanimously all  Protestant preachers who often claim to receive a telephone call from God are saying  Abiy’s time is up and he will be dead. Though I don’t accept their claims of the prophets’ knowledge of God’s telephone number, I accept their intuitions and ability to reach a logical conclusion. It is obvious Abiy is already gone!

It is not a complex anagram that cannot be solved. Dictators always pick the most ignorant and stupid people in the society who have no independent thinking. They brainwash them  into believing that Abiy is a god, who will live forever and rule for millennia, and that they  can commit atrocities in his name without any consequences, because their false god will  protect them. 

The likes of Gen. Abebaw, Temesgen Tiruneh, Sahelework Zewde, Dr. Birhanu Nega, Belete  Molla, & Daniel Keberet think Abiy is god. For them he is eternal so that they can kill, rape  and pillage in the name of their demigod who would protect them 

Abiy Ahmed, like all dictators, knows that he has to lie and talk about what the people want  until he is elected. After the election, he displayed his hatred towards Ethiopia and  Ethiopians. So now, if he survives a coup or assassination by his inner circle and  bodyguards he will face Fano from the north and east, and OLA from the west and south.  His times are numbered. Therefore, the Ethiopian army needs to align its loyalty with  Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people, not a Dictators.  

I was ordered can’t save 

Saying that one was ordered to kill is not a defense in a law of court. Even if they received  such an order, it is in their hand to choose to shoot and kill or to shoot and miss. Similarly, a  policeman who interrogates a detainee may make a statement or decide to inflict pain and  suffering, and a judge who receives instructions to obstruct justice may choose to harm  others or save life and rule of law. 

Killing without legal justification makes one a criminal. For instance, General Abebaw  cannot claim that he bombed and killed innocent people because Abiy ordered him to do  so. He is killing because he enjoys it. He kills because it brings him wealth. He gets land as  he kills. He is a mercenary who kills for profit. 

Some think they are clever. They think they can kill as many as they want and if Abiy falls,  they will escape to the US to join their families. This will not work. If you want to leave, leave  now and say that you disagree with the government’s policy of genocide and that you ran  away because you could not obey the orders.  

Otherwise, don’t try that today. You will face the wrath and revenge of the Ethiopian people.  Stop being tools of murder, torture, rape, and plunder of the Ethiopian people. Otherwise,  you will suffer the same fate as Mengistu’s army, or even worse.

The writer can be reached via e-mail : Rasselasimlac1@gmail.com 

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