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Ethiopia, Gondar: Renewed Clash Between Fano and Government Troops

Ethiopia gondar
Gondar (Photo source : Aljazeera)


Major cities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia continue to experience flighting between Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force.

One that was observed in Gondar was differed. It happened twice in a span of less than three days.

BBC Amharic service cited residents of the city to report that there was an exchange of fire on Thursday. It started around 11 a.m. and lasted to the evening.

Lideta locality of the city – where university campuses and schools are located in the city – was the scene of the exchange of fire between Fano Forces and government troops.

Residents who opted to remain anonymous for security reason told BBC Amharic that heavily armed government troops entered the city around 10:40 a.m. in the morning and opened fire on alleged grounds of that fano forces have entered the city.

Government forces used heavy weaponry including ZU-23 until the evening. Residential homes were targeted. Residents say they have seen a building riddled with heavy weaponry a day after the incident. An image purported showing a damaged building in the city has been circulating on social media.

At least seven people are reportedly killed and their funeral took place in the city – according to residents. Activity most parts of the city was halted for most part of Thursday. A partial normalcy was restored on Friday, according to sources.

The incident on Thursday came just days after similar incident that left at least 14 people dead and several other wounded. BBC Amharic reported that as many as 20 civilians were admitted to hospital as a result the the fighting between fano forces and government troops.

Local Ethiopian news source, like Ethio News Channel, have been reporting the past few days that there was a heavy fighting in South Gondar.

Government authorities have not yet remarked on the latest developments in Gondar.

The regional gov’t continues to make claims that normalcy has been restored in many cities and universities in the region are making announcement to students to report to their respective campus to resume class. However, Fano forces have issued an ultimatum warning that the government and students will be responsible for what will transpire.

Most parts of the region continue to experience conflict situation.


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  1. Subject: “Most parts of the region continue to experience conflict situation.”

    Humble Opinion, 12 Jan 2023
    ha). Let us be honest, Ethiopia itself is experiencing turmoil.

    hu). Ethiopia is no longer the Ethiopia. that the world knows

    he). Are Ethiopians worried by the new phenomenon

    haa). It seems Ethiopians are awaiting. for the complete destruction of Ethiopia

    hie) Go ahead, throw harsh words against me for my short commentary

    hii) Glory to the ancient. beautiful ETHIOPIA .

    ho). No more to add
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