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Desta and The Great Mystery

Desta and The Great Mystery - book

Getty Ambau

Slated to come out on February 14 at midnight, Author Getty Ambau’s fifth volume of the Desta series, Desta and The Great Mystery, is once again expected to thrill readers. In this volume, Desta has left Ethiopia and gone west following the sun to fulfill an ancient prophecy of earning a modern education and find a missing 3,000-year-old gold Coin of Magic and Fortune, one of the two pieces that holds society’s redemption from all its ills. 

After high school, Desta was set to study medicine in Bulgaria and search for the shekel. But at the last minute, an old compass and wooden rod directed him to go to America, thus turning his life upside down and propelling him into the unknown. Desta never imagined such a heart-wrenching loss and journey into a strange land.

A friend hastily finds him a college and a benefactor for a year, and Desta travels westward across the globe from Ethiopia to Am erica. Alone in unfamiliar world, plagued with fear and doubt, Desta struggles initially, but as his new life unfolds, he wins the hearts and minds of his benefactors, fellow collegians, and those who may help him in his life quests. 


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