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Freedom and Equality Party  requests the incumbent government to stop misappropriating public resources 

Freedom and Equality Party - Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Borkena– Freedom and Equality Party (FEP) requested the ruling party to separate its organizational (party) work from the government structure and to refrain from misappropriating public resources.

FEP asked the ruling party to stop the practice of allowing non-party government employees to participate in the training organized by the governing Prosperity Party.

In a statement released here last Monday, the 8th of January 2024, FEP said that “conducting party training using the financial resources of the taxpayers is unconstitutional”. The Party has thus urged the incumbent government to stop the practice immediately.

“As allowing non-party employees of the federal and state governments to involve in the training organized by the ruling party is against the constitution of the land (Proclamation No. 1162/2011), and using public resources or the government budget for similar trainings of the ruling party is a complete violation of the rules and regulations, the concerned bodies should come forward to take the necessary steps in a bid to stop the practice,” Freedom and Equality Party said.

The Freedom and Equality Party further stated that it has submitted an official request to the Civil Service Commission and other relevant bodies so that they could find an immediate solution to the problem.


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