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Exam results of employees of Addis Ababa City Administration released

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – General results of the exam, which was given to employees of the Addis Ababa City Administration, were made public yesterday, sources said.

A statement made regarding the exam given to employees of the Addis Ababa City Administration indicates that over 15,000 employees have sat for the test. The examination, which has been a discussion point among the metropolitans, was reportedly set by the Addis Ababa University and Kotebe University of Education, according to sources.

The statement released by the City Administration yesterday made official that leadership members, professionals and employees at various positions numbering 15,151 have sat for the “technical and behavioural qualification test”.

The statement reveals that of the 4,213 employees who took the test from the leadership section, only 1,422 succeeded by scoring the passing grade. This means only 34 percent of the leadership has passed. The statement indicated that to stay in their respective positions, the examinee leadership members had to score over 60 percentile passing grades.

The other non-leadership employees who have taken the exam were 10,257. Out of them, only 5,095 were said to score the passing grade. This means 50 percent of the employees have reportedly succeeded, according to the released statement. They were expected to score over 50 percentile passing grade, the statement indicated.

Out of the total number of examinees who sat for the test, 681 were reportedly dismissed from the exam halls due to various misconducts and 441 failed to appear at the exam venue.


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  1. We need investigative journalist on this issue! becouse the exam was very subjective essay type for example bevioural test part was one question with 5 subquestions essay type on current situation of corruption which is very subjective to evaluate and it looks bias in marking as demonstrated by in some section all score>60 however in some section Almos all or majority score<50!

  2. lack of accoutablity and Lack of transparency is a challege to verfiy our exam result becouse AAU refuse to show the exam paper to verfiy it! and AAU officials informed us external body marked evaluated the exam papers, so they claim they are not responsible for it so how the exam they set is evaluated by an other person it is paradox!


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