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“More Oromos Have Been Killed in the Past Five Years” than in History – Jawar Mohammed Interview Part II


In Part II of his interview with Arts TV (part I is available here), Jawar Mohammed, projecting a new persona of himself – through his words – as a mature and rational politician concerned about Ethiopia, says there has been a collective trauma experienced by the country in the past five years has been profound.

He made claims that the number of Oromos killed in the past five years surpasses the combined count of Oromos killed during the reigns of Emperor Haileselassie, Mengistu, and Meles. However, he did not mention about the tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara killed in the Oromia region.

Additionally, he claims there are over 100,000 political prisoners in Oromia. He further mentions that in Shagger City alone, there are more than 30 prisons.

What are your thoughts on Jawar’s claims and his portrayal of himself as a reformed politician, he said he is still a member of the Oromo Federalist Congress, having learned from his mistakes? A considerable number of politically engaged Ethiopians appear to have taken him at his word and tend to sell him that way. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Video : embedded from Arts TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Jawar is a liar, a Machiavellian opportunist and nothing more. He is not rehabilitated, not a peace seeker, or one who should sit on a platform as someone we value to hear from. He was born and grew up with hate in his mind and heart against non Oromos and Christians. He is a wolf in a sheep’s skin waiting on opportunity to elevate him to a position of influence to cause a havoc yet again. As I said before, he should simply bow down and disappear into the nothingness he deserves.


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