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Restriction imposed on vehicles movement in Oromia Region continues 

Oromo Liberation Army - Transport strike
Jal Mero, OLA leader ( photo : file/CNN)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – A restriction imposed on movement of vehicles in various areas of the Oromia Region since last Tuesday night, the 2nd of January 2024, has continued, sources said.

This restriction of the vehicles movement includes areas in Horo Guduru Wollega Zone; the roads that connect all the Woredas with the capital of the Zone, Shambu; the roads leading to Dembidollo Town in Kellem Wollega Zone; the main road from Ambo to Nekempete Town in East Wollega Zone, including towns such as Mendi, Nejjo and Ghimbi in West Wollega Zone of Oromia Region, Wazema reported here yesterday.

Wazema collected pieces of information from its sources that drivers have reportedly taken the opportunity to “impose unfair fares on occasional transport services” in the stated areas. The transport movement has also been restricted on some roads that connect the region with neighbouring regions, according to the news source.

The vehicle’s movement was restricted following the call on transport strike in the region by the Oromo Liberation Army, Wazema said, quoting its source. 


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  1. Guaranteed Jawar and Abiy are behind that metrosexual murderer Jal Mero. What a mess and curse of a country these idiots brought! Ebet leklaki hula!!

    • Your use of “metrosexual” is out of place and says more about you than persons you are referring to. By lumping together Abiy, Jawar, and Jal Mero (who btw are petty demagogues) you prove yourself ethno-racist!

  2. Dear editors,

    When did this CNN interview with this leader take place? I searched the CNN website and could not find one. This person is a war criminal who gives peace advocates Oromos like me undeserved bad image. I would appreciate it is post the link for all of us to see. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

  3. @ Alem et al

    Jail Mero and his outfit kill children, pregnant women and senior citizens. They murder farmers and poor helpless folks. They don’t stand on the battlefield where men fight for many reasons right or wrong. After murdering innocent people, they get their hair braided, put on lipsticks, get their brows done and God knows what else if you catch my drift…That is the definition of metrosexual. Abiy and Jawar are behinds him and his outfit. You can stick your ethno -racist in your axx!!

    • Teddy baby, You just proved my point. You had to take quite a detour though to have shot a showy term and now trying to find the target. When that failed you returned to where it all began–as a sow to filth. Be good.


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