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Seven heavy duty truck drivers killed in two weeks: Drivers’ Association

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Seven heavy duty truck drivers were killed by militants in just two weeks. Since 2022, the number of drivers killed has reached 70, sources said. 

The Tana Drivers Association disclosed  that the number of drivers of heavy duty trucks being killed in the line of duty is increasing at an alarming rate. The Association said in a statement it released recently that including the seven drivers gunned down in two weeks, 70 drivers have been killed since 2022.

An eyewitness who requested to remain anonymous told Tikvah-Ethiopia that on December 27, 2023, gunmen attacked drivers who were riding in an area called Asgori located between Jimma Town and Addis Ababa. “The attackers killed the drivers in front of my eyes. They also set alight the vehicles,” the eye witness said.

Asked to reveal who carried out the attack, how many people were killed, and how many vehicles were burnt, the reliable source explained that the attack was carried out by militants who killed drivers and set alight 11 vehicles.  

Asked by Tikvah-Ethiopia, the representative of Tana Drivers Association, which closely monitors the arrest and killing of drivers, said (on its social media page, “Voice of Drivers”), that “Seven drivers have been killed by militants in just two weeks. Those who have been killed since 2022 reached 70.”

The representative told Tikvah-Ethiopia that the drivers were killed in North Gondar, Maksegnit, Methara, Butajira route, Dessie route, in the Oromia Special Zone and other areas.

“A few days ago, more than ten vehicles were burnt on the Butajira route of Oromia Region. “Drivers should move by checking the road first,” he seized the opportunity to share advice.

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics reported at the parliament about the amount of freight and local products being transported across the country. While doing so it should also report about the drivers who lost their lives in the line of duty, the unnamed individual said.

The regions where the incidents have been occurring should be asked to stop this. If not, the drivers will go to the extent of holding a strike and save their lives, he said.

The attempt made by Tikvah-Ethiopia to get comments on the issue from the Ministry of Transport and Logistics was not successful.


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