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Ethiopian athlete of middle-distance discipline survived attempted murder

Athlete Tadesse Lemi (Photo : Social Media/File)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian athlete Tadesse Lemi survived a reported assassination attempt in Sululta town as he was driving to his residence. It happened last Sunday 31 December 2023, at 11:30 in a locality known as asir Kilo.

The assassins blocked the road the athlete was riding on and bumped his vehicle before they did the murder attempt, sources said.

Athlete Tadesse was rescued by traffic police officers who arrived at the spot unexpectedly. Had these police officers not happened in the area, the athlete would have gone for good, according to the news source.

It was said that the traffic police officers watched the vehicle of the assassins fleeing the area before they were caught.

Athlete Tadesse said that the murder attempt was done against him for the fourth time. He further said that his friends rescued him from one of the plots planned at the spot in the jungle, where he was having his regular training.

Athlete Tadesse Lemmi represented Ethiopia in various international championships in 800 and 1500 meters.

Kidnapping innocent peaceful citizens and assassination by unidentified bodies have become a common trend in Ethiopia. People are afraid of travelling out of Addis Ababa for security reasons. 

Meanwhile, ten people who were driving back home after commemorating St. Kulubi Gebriel, in East Harerghe, were killed and some were kidnapped by individuals who requested millions of birr as ransom, sources said. 


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  1. What is a lucky young man! He should celebrate the day as his 2nd birthday. Random violent crime is going to be the next major issue for that country. It is already primed and well staffed for that. All these wars and bloody conflicts will naturally hatch mean and violent elements that will wreak havoc cities and towns throughout the country. Me merchant relatives who live the capital have been telling me that robberies and shooting related to robberies are becoming every day news the capital. They told me that there are certain neighborhoods that have become off limits to visit. Carjacking, phone snatching and home invasions are more and more in the news. You see, bigots do not only spark bloody conflicts but they also hatch up a generation steeped with monstrous elements. The sight of human blood is like a captivating photo of a budding red rose flower. This young should consider himself extremely lucky and go down on his knees and Praise The Almighty Our Creator for that!!!
    My advice to those of you who plan to travel there is to keep your presence low and always be aware of your surroundings. But if you plan to go, go and don’t let this change or cancer your plan. Don’t go out alone and grab a couple of your young cousins for the occasion. Bon voyage!!!


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