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Tomoka Coffee files a 48.2 million birr lawsuit against Denbel City Centre  

Tomoka Machiato
Tomoka Machiato (Photo : borkena/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  Tomoka Coffee, a renowned Private Limited Company in Ethiopia, filed a 48.2 million birr lawsuit against Ncomad Construction  Private Limited Company otherwise known as Denbel City Centre, sources disclosed.

The Weekly Amharic, Addis Admas, reported last Saturday that the plaintiff, Tomoka Coffee, entered into a lease agreement with Ncomad Construction on January 15, 2019 to use the 137-square-metre space at the Dunbel City Centre building as a coffee shop cafeteria until January 14, 2029. According to the case file submitted to the Federal High Court, Lideta Division, the plaintiff spent 1 million 491 thousand 403 Birr for the construction executed in March 2019 to make the place suitable for the business and up to the standard.

Tomoka employee in Bole branch serving customers (Photo : borkena/file)

However, in a letter written on October 30, 2023, the defendant stated that the lease was terminated and following this the cafe’s power line was cut off and the company was deprived of its legal right to give public service.

The details of the charge deal that the reasons for the defendant’s termination of the contract were outside the law and caused the plaintiff a loss of a huge amount of money and therefore requested the court to give order for the compensation of birr 48,272,360.

Abebe Mengesha, the manager of Ncomad Construction PLC, was asked to comment on the issue through  telephone. But he declined saying that he would “not give any response over the phone”. Therefore, Addis Admas could not include his response. 


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