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Somalia Reacts to Abiy Ahmed’s Gov’t, Somaliland MoU , Concerns Arising 

Somalia cabinet
Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud with his cabinets (Photo : Villa Somalia/file)


The government of Somalia has reportedly called for an emergency cabinet meeting in response to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland. It is expected to take place on Tuesday.

According to Tesfanews, Eritrean news sources, the cabinet meeting is anticipated to “address and make decisions concerning the reported agreement between the Somaliland administration (northern regions of the country) and Ethiopia.”

Some Somali politicians and activists perceive Abiy Ahmed’s actions as a violation of “the sovereignty of the Somali nation.”  Abdirahman Abdishakur sees it as “disregard for the rules of the UN, AU & IGAD, which aim to protect the independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of member states.” 

Former Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo stated, “The agreement signed by Ethiopia with Somaliland today is a serious concern for Somalia and the whole of Africa. Respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity is the anchor for regional stability and bilateral cooperation. The Somali government must respond appropriately.”

The MoU signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland has raised concerns that it could trigger large-scale conflict in the region.

Redwan Hussien, Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Security Advisor, revealed on Monday that Ethiopia and Somaliland could finalize an agreement on access to the Seaport on the Gulf of Aden within one month.

The two parties have identified areas for cooperation, including in defense and intelligence areas. Ethiopia is set to acquire 20 kilometers of stretches of land along Somaliland’s coastline in the Gulf of Aden, which Ethiopia will use as a military base and commercial maritime based on a renewable 50-year lease. In return, Somaliland is expected to receive recognition as a sovereign country and shares from Ethio-Telecom and Ethiopian Airlines—the exact percentage of which is yet to be revealed.

Ethiopian State Media is covering the development in a way that portrays Ethiopia as having “secured access to the sea,” which seems inaccurate—at least considering that the agreement is yet to be signed. When it is signed, it will be a rental agreement. 

Reports suggest that Djibouti, like Somalia, is outraged by the agreement between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Somaliland President Muse Bihe, signed in Addis Ababa on January 1, 2024. The latter was in Djibouti, along with Somalian President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, just a few days before heading to Addis Ababa to sign the agreement, and they did not seem to anticipate the agreement.


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  1. Let’s assume this agreement is just as described; an MOU. It is a Memorandum of Understanding and not a binding treaty. Ethiopia is bound by the charters of the AU and the UN. Let’s just leave as that. But this must be a wake up call for other surrounding countries with the exception of Djibouti. More than 125 million and soon to be 250 million walking and breathing people can not just continue living suffocated. Somalia should rethink about its vast but miserably idle seashores. The issue of Somaliland has been a sore issue that both the UN and AU in general and The Horn of Africa can live with or without it. The source of the problem was a historical error that was committed in 1960. It is what it is now and beyond to do it away using force.

    The peaceful resolution is primarily in the hands of the leaders both in Hargeisa and Mogadishu. Independence is not always the only solution and run-of-the-mill autonomy may not always cut the mustard either. Somaliland has impressed proponents/advocates of democracy since it decided to going it alone 33 years ago with the ultimate sacrifice of close to a million people. But it did not turn out to be a den of ruthless despots like others in the hood after a bloody conflict. It has shown others near and afar that black folks can live in peace and stability with democratic governance.

  2. Guess who is reporting this news! It seems someone that has been starving for distraction. Finally, bingo! Found one in Somaliland.

    Okay bigots! You heard it! You got the signal! Hello Minnesota! Hello Tennessee! Hello Michigan and Virginia! Hello Mr. Gourdie Down Under! Hello Oslo, Norway! The doors are now officially open for you in the two cities, one in Mogadishu and the other one, you know where! The dump sites in the two cities are now ready for you to scavenge. What are you waiting for? Make your reservation now!!! Once you fill up your bulging stomach at the dump sites you will be instrumental as guides and beasts of burden to the invincible armies of the two countries. One coming from the north and the other from the south they will meet up at Addis/Finfine. Then your 50-year old dream will come true and you will have your yanked away personal republic/fiefdom and a den of bigots! Those halawa drunk and super power wannabes in Al-Qahirah will send you some chum change and a few bags of rice. Let’s go!!!

  3. Comment on Somaliland deal.
    Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Sudan should have long realized that Abiy Ahmed’s Oromumma craze is going to destroy the entire Horn of Africa region as it attempts to build Great Oromia. A putative empire stretching from Mombasa (which Oromumma calls Bobbasaa) to Massawa, Great Oromia requires that the current East African states be dismantled before the new nation could be constituted from their fragments.
    Thus, Abiy Ahmed’s recognition of Somaliland is a way for Oromumma to set a precedent for Great Oromia to unilaterally break-away, declare statehood and get recognition as a sovereign state. The only reason that Abiy’s daredevil poly might fail is that the denial of recognition for Somaliland is a western conspiracy to being with. Ignoring all excuses, Somaliland has the same age as Eritrea. Again, ignoring all excuses and pretexts, even tiny Djibouti was able to secure immediate recognition as a sovereign state. The real reason that Somaliland was denied recognition was to pre-empt the possibility of something exactly like the current proposition from happening. Because there was a reason why Ethiopia was made to lose all of its historic access points to the sea in the first place. Regardless, Abiy Ahmed’s move has nothing to do with obtaining a port but has everything to do with moving chess pawns to start a reconfiguration of the region. Whether this project aligns with his Arab or Western masters is not clear at the moment. Maybe it is a combo assignment?

  4. Bedilu
    Right on bro. I couldn’t concur more with this. The recognition of Eritrea that cut off ethiopia from the sea outlet and the one either holding back Somali land region from recognition or discouraging it to stay with its Somalia are complex conspiracies conconted by the West, This is has been very complex and grand conspiracy from the west all along and still are and for good reason. But the lunic and wannabe 7th king Mr. Abiy has his own different agenda of creating great Oromumma impire from scratch and has differen take on the current situation and everything that happened before. Worse even, he thinks he can achieve single handedly this by himself with one magic stroke . What a madness on earth!


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