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Jawar’s sober view of domestic politics

Jawar Mohammed
Jawar Mohammed (Photo : screenshot from Arts TV Video)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The renowned politician, Jawar Mohammed said that building dictatorial system in Ethiopia has proved impossible over the last five years. It is impractical to establish a stable democracy, bring about development and prosperity through [dictatorial] power of a single individual, a party, a single nationality, Jawar said. He also underscored that it is unthinkable to bring about a stable government system through military force.

The politician who played major roles to help the incumbent government seize power, has come out to the large public audience through the media. Jawar said in an interview he had with a local television show, Benegerachinlai, that what “is possible or recommendable to all is to sit round the table, talk and apply the give and take negotiation”. The local political elites should draw a lesson from other countries on the advantages of peaceful dialogue, Jawar said.

What Jawar recommends is that stable democracy will surely be realized in this country if there are political bargains among the political elites of the country and of course, if political power and national resources are needed to be shared fairly.

Jawar who appreciated the peace accord signed between the Federal Government and Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) also blamed the same negotiation of the two sides for its failure to exclude others who were involved in the war. “The elites from the Amhara side should have been included in the negotiation. Those who were involved in the war-making should have been invited to the peace-making process.” He said that even the Eritrean Government should have been given the chance to participate in the peace talks. “All should get their shares of peace dividend,” he underscored.

Jawar Mohammed said in a cool unprecedented manner that if the peace accord signed between the two forces has been regarded as a threat to ‘others’, then there will be inevitable wars with these ‘others’.

He also said in his interview that the conflicts that have been witnessed in the country over the past five years were very predictable. “The conflicts that occurred in Tigray, Oromia and Amhara Regions were predictable and avoidable,” he said.

The famous politician has also blamed others, apart from the government, for their negligence to contribute their shares in stopping the conflicts mentioned here. He firstly condemned the leaders at both sides (TPLF and the Federal Government) for failing to be responsive in stopping the conflicts. Others, including the diplomatic community should take their share of blame for failing to do proper political intervention, according to Jawar.

He raised his experience saying that he once approached scores of diplomats in Addis Ababa and expressed his concern about the then war to be broken out between TPLF and the Federal Government. He said that he pleaded with the diplomats to intervene and deter the coming conflict between the two forces. “There is a tension between forces in Mekele and Addis Ababa. It is better if you intervene and stop this… put your pressure so that the two sides can come forward to negotiate… Let the sullen officials in Mekele come back to Addis Ababa…”

Jawar implored the diplomats in this way, according to him. But the response given from the other side was defensive. The diplomats said that there was not such a thing that could push the two sides to conflict or war. That time “a diplomat of a big country was angry with me. He said he had traveled to Mekele but did not notice such a thing. They all were dismissive,” Jawar said speaking of the stand of the diplomatic community before the bloody war broke out in the northern part of the country. 

Jawar has also commented that there is a tendency of underestimating things from the government side. Carelessness has made us pay dearly. “We have made grave mistakes that have the capacity to disintegrate us as a nation. We have made the same mistakes Syria, Yemen and Libya have made,” Jawar said. 


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  1. Again, when someone starts advocating for harmony, peace and stability, he/she should always be encouraged, commended and welcome back to the neighborhood of brotherly/sisterly love! Welcome back brother!!!

  2. Jawar Mohammed is an opportunist who seeks power as an Oromo nationalist. The present Fano push against the Oromo dominated government army has worried many Oromo elites who are opposing the way the conflict is being handled. The regional powers Tigray and Eritrea will act to serve their interests. Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and its defence and security is important.

    • You’ve been parroting a similar tale for a while. “Regional powers Tigray and Eritrea” is an illusion that you seem addicted to. I’m sorry I have to be the one to remind you that you need to first provide food for the dirt poor people that your idiocy put through so much pain and suffering. You robbed the country and now live in comfort hanging onto the hope that you are a superpower? Jawar may be Oromo nationalist, just as you are Tig nationalist. Hardly any difference between the two of you. I don’t want Eritreans to hear you equate yourself to them. That slip of tongue in 2020 resulted in Eritreans cleaning everything you hoarded in Mekelle and Adwa, in caves and hidden warehouses.

      • Bereket,

        You nailed it, I stared typing almost exactly what you wrote and i discard it yesterday since this guy is a little delusional. He always misunderstand the word regional power. Ato Meles told them that and he still believe it after losing 3 war in recent years. Digital Tigraway regional power please hassle for more food for Tigray, they never had time and chance to farm all the land they have since you forced them to carry guy for the past 50 years

    • Oromia is not the gift of Tigray, it is of TPLF. I hope the people of Ethiopia now knows the current conflict is the result of TPLF and OLF. Federalism doesn’t have to be Ethnic based which is dangerous. It is time to break the big States in to comparable sizes just like they have done in the South. Oromia could be 5 states and Amhara 4.

  3. Previously I had no time for JM but this makes sense.
    In a word he is saying discussion, dialogue and COMPROMISE are needed and they are better than war and killing one another.
    For once he is RIGHT.


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