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Eskinder Nega: A Testament of Moral Integrity

Eskinder Nega
Eskinder Nega

By Maleda Zewdie

Eskinder Nega is an extraordinary individual whose life exemplifies the essence of unimpeachable moral character and an unstoppable commitment to truth, justice, and human rights. In the face of state violence and subjugation that would have broken the spirit of us all, Eskinder stood tall personifying otherworldly resilience and courage.

In the last four years, we witnessed many succumbing to the pressure and influence of money, power and greed. Eskinder, however, became one of the few, if not the only one, who consistently remained on the side of the people. Eskinder reminds us all that the pursuit of justice is not for the faint of heart. His choices were not easy, and the toll on his life, career, and family is incalculable. Yet, he chose the harder right over the easier wrong, inspiring us all and generations to come.

In a world where compromise overshadows principle, and the pursuit of selfish and material ambitions overrides morality, he chose a path less traveled – a perilous journey engulfed with sacrifices and tribulations. Spending 2/5 of his life in prison, enduring punishments from successive governments, physical assaults, and the cruel smearing of his name by both opponents and those who once hailed him a hero, in spite of it all, he remained committed to the ideals of justice and humanity. Declaring in every opportunity even behind harsh prison walls, “Victory to democracy!”

Most importantly, Eskinder is a testament to the enduring power of moral integrity and has rightfully earned the title The Great Eskinder Nega or ‘ታላቁ እስክንድር.’ He serves as a reminder that, in the face of injustice, and unconscionable cruelty there exists a strength within the human spirit that can overcome the darkest of times.

Whenever we hear his name or support the cause for which he stands, let us reflect on the lessons and principles he imparts. Let us be inspired to stand for truth and justice in our own lives, even when the path seems arduous. In honoring and supporting him, we honor the principles that make us human – compassion, empathy, and the invincible spirit that refuses to be silenced.

May his legacy resonate in our hearts, imploring us to be trailblazers of justice, defenders of human dignity, and advocates for a world where the pursuit of truth prevails over the shadows of falsehood.

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  1. Pitiful that you allow such incompetent individual to represent Amhara people. Eskinder’s only credential is his being jailed for his lawlessness. His talking points were 1/ the tri-color flag should replace the current one 2/ Amhara should rule the country 3/ Addis Ababa should not be called Finfinne, etc. Problem is this, Eskinder portrays himself as a pacifist with a grenade! He does not understand the two don’t go together. He does not recognize due process either. Another shameful thing is that Derg Shaleqa Dawit is leader of Fano. Dawit knows Eskinder is a juvenile when it came to politics. And he is using Eskinder as a toy to fulfill his ambition to return to power and in the process make $$$$! Remember Shaleqa is American and that he was anti-Amhara rule while with Derg. It is alleged he fled Ethiopia with a bunch of money raised in America in the mid-1980s for the hungry. I think he should clear his name first as well as make public how much money he has in the bank.

  2. Thank you, Maleda Zewdie, for sharing your thoughts on this remarkable and selfless individual. Eskender is a God fearing, self respecting Ethiopian of Amhara descent, leading a crucial and timely struggle to protect the Amharas from the barbarically oriented regime. Eskender, embodies the true spirit of Amhara Fano. It is no surprise that those with narrow minds attempt to tarnish his reputation and drag him into the depths of their baseless accusations. Eskender and his courageous Fano fighters march forward with determination, aiming to free every soul in Ethiopia that cherishes freedom.

  3. Gratitude to Maleda Zewede for sharing insights about Eskendir, a selfless and humble figure of immense stature. Eskendir epitomizes a God-fearing, self-respecting Ethiopian of Amhara descent, leading a crucial struggle to protect Amharas from a barbaric regime and its blind followers. He embodies the genuine spirit of Amhara Fano. Predictably, individuals with narrow perspectives seek to tarnish his reputation and drag him into baseless accusations. Eskendir, alongside his brave Fano fighters, marches steadfastly towards liberating every freedom-loving soul in Ethiopia.


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