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Canada’s Embassy Raises Concerns With The Assault of Diplomats

Canada - Embassy - Ethiopia
Canada and Ethiopia established diplomatic relation in the 1950’s during the Imperial government of Emperor Haileselassie I


Canada’s Embassy to Ethiopia expressed concern this week regarding the assault on diplomats. The embassy conveyed this message on Wednesday via its X page (formerly Twitter).

The Embassy’s statement followed a tweet from the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa emphasizing the importance of “observing and protecting the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to ensure diplomats around the world can carry out their missions in safety. “

In alignment with Canada and the United States, the U.S. K Embassy in Ethiopia also conveyed a similar message.

Recently, two senior employees of the African Development Bank were assaulted and detained for hours in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, by government security forces. Although the Ethiopian government announced an investigation, it lacked transparency. Several weeks have passed since the incident, yet the Ethiopian government has not disclosed its findings.

This week, reports surfaced indicating that the African Development Bank decided to withdraw its staff from Addis Ababa. A leaked letter from the Bank’s President, circulating on social media, highlighted the Ethiopian government’s lack of transparency in the investigation process. The Bank authorities remain uninformed regarding the current status of the investigation.

Ethiopian opposition parties, activists, and the public have criticized Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a “Nobel Peace Prize Winner,” for fostering an environment where Ethiopia experiences heightened lawlessness and security issues in various parts of the country. This is in addition to ongoing civil wars in the Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia.

Opinion leaders, purportedly privy to information about the cause of the assault on African Development Bank Officials in Addis Ababa, suggest a link to $5 million intended for the African Development Bank but allegedly diverted to an undisclosed location. However, as of now, no other sources, including the African Development Bank itself, have confirmed this claim.

Multiple local Ethiopian news outlets reported that the security forces involved in the attack were the guards of Ethiopia’s Minister for Finance, Ahmed Shide.


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  1. The Violence and lawlessness by Abiy Ahmed regime in Ethiopia has reached to attacking and looting foreign deplomats and investors. This is a testimony of failed state and total tyrannical state. Abiy is incompetent and a Violent man who only knows Violence. He is forcing Ethiopians to get into struggle for a change of government.

  2. Truly ridiculous and it is worest kind of lawlessness and hooliganism state of affairs of modern state. What else do you expect a regime that its security agents kept on assaulting, terrorizing, jailing, maiming,, torturing, kiiling and robbing its own citizents without due processes and disregard of any personal and citizenry fundamental rights.. It was just matter of logcal extension before this happens. It was matter of time before this culture of impunity,
    lawlessness, unaccountably and brutality miiddset cross to and affects the lives of the corp diplomats and other foreignres. Too bad!

  3. It is tragic that a country who was elected as a leader of Prime Minister of Ethiopia and bestowed upon him. by International Organizations, the top most “Nobel Peace Prize Winner!!!!!!!!!!!

    a). It is tragically AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    b) How is it possible that a top most notch of Scholars from the highly ‘civilized’ countries around the Globe can goof in
    that that proportion ?

    c). The Fellow must be a smart ‘Aleck’. to attract the top most civilized experienced Western COUNTRIES.

    d). It must be a shame to their boss!!!!!

    e). In that sense, the selected ‘Alex’ flatly fooled the so-called top scholars around the civilized Globe

    f). In the case of Ethiopia, it will live with the shameful African Name as the usual backward Black African Country.

    ————– AND IT WILL CONTINUE ————-

  4. Is Canada even a country? Echee Achebchabe … If there was an Assault of Diplomats their must be a good reason why the Assault Happened and it must continue. Ethiopia is not known for such things but if we see one that means it can’t be avoided. Canada has been messing around our cases more often nowadays and Kotewan mesebaber naw.. Eche YeEngliz weshema.


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