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Security forces carry out mass arrest around Mercato, the largest marketplace in Addis Ababa

Merkato - Addis Ababa
A portion of Merkato – the largest open air market in Africa (photo : flicker)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The ironclad police of the incumbent regime have recently been engaged in large scale mass arrest in and around the biggest market area, Mercato including neighbourhoods, Tekle-Haimanot, American Gibi, Gojjam-Berenda and the nearby villages, victims of the harassment told Roha Media.

In particular, the residents who are part of the business community in Mercato said that the security forces invade these neighbourhoods, which are busy with business activities and carry out mass arrests for reasons that have not yet been clarified.

A young man working as a hired labourer in Mercato said, “they sealed up the exit and entrance of the neighbourhood. Then they rounded up all the people who moved around, frog-matched them all in police vehicles and drove away”.

“Last Thursday, the police arrived in our area out of nowhere. They arrested me and the individuals who were on their respective trade business nearby. Then they enquired me if I had renewed my business licence, whether I have my own TIN number in a manner of harassment. Though I insisted on showing them my licence, they detained me for the whole day,” the man told Roha media.

“They know that the business communities are worried about their business. So it is a tactic they use to threaten them with dire consequences if they oppose the ruling party,” the individual commented. 


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  1. Addis and its silence to the suffering of everyone around them including the outskirts of the city finally getting to the heart of the city. When they came for my neighbor, I kept quiet since the conflict didn’t affect me. When they came for me, there were no neighbors to cry out to!!! Addis Abeba would rather eat donkey raw meat and immerse itself in absolute self centered nonsense. The chicken came to roost in your front yards now. Freedom is not something anyone gives you. You have to put your blood and sweat in it. Or you become a slave! Not a single Oromuma cadre knows Addis like Addis residents. Folks need to snatch these killers in the alleyway, on the main roads, in the kebeles, in the bars, in the palace…


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