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Over 5,000 conflicts have occurred in Ethiopia over the last five years

If the conflicts continue, the country will be in a serious danger

From the war between TPLF and Abiy gov't in 2021
From the war between TPLF and Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t in 2021 Tigray region. (Photo : file/Brookings)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The National Conflict Incident Study has announced that 5,300 conflicts have occurred  in Ethiopia over the past five years, from 2018  to 2023, resulting in thousands of innocent deaths,  the Weekly Private, Addis Admas reported.

The study, which took almost a year to complete focusing on organized political conflicts, revealed that the conflicts experienced in the country in the last five years have caused the loss of lives of a large number of citizens and heavy destruction of property, according to the news sources.  

The study recalls that 2021 and 2022 were the years in which bloody wars tremored the country. The study pointed out that the first Region is Oromia where there have been a lot of conflicts in the stated years. The study further indicates that Amhara and Tigray are in the second and third place after Oromia. Following the war, the attacks perpetrated on innocent people in the last five years are ranked in second place. Public opposition expressed in various ways has taken third place, according to the study.

The study revealed that the government structure plays a negative role in intensifying and exacerbating the conflicts that have occurred in Ethiopia over the past five years. The study indicated that government agencies are involved in forced displacement, sexual assaults and the disruption of humanitarian aid.

The government structures have their own role in directly involving in conflicts, exacerbating them and not fulfilling their responsibilities in a bid to satisfy their political needs.

The study indicated that the escalation of conflicts in the country is very serious. It pointed out that if the conflicts continue without a permanent solution, they will lead to the massacre of innocent people.  


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  1. Due to the aggressive, land-grabbing intentions of Amhara elites, over 5,000 conflicts have taken place in Ethiopia. Apart from the Amhara multidegree murderers who settled in the United States and other developed nations, nobody else should be held accountable in this situation.

  2. 30,000 conflicts before Abiy came to power is a LIE. 5,000 is also a LIE. You’ve lied so much that it has become a lifestyle for you. Lie once and nobody is going to believe you. Lie in the name of Amhara and people begin to take injustices against Amhara as a made up story. That’s what’s happening with the American Derg Major Dawit representing Amhara. He only needs Amhara to return to power. Why are there no sensible and courageous Amhara to stand up to Dawit?


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