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Addis Ababa City Administration Cancels Efficiency Exams 

Addis Ababa City Administration


The Addis Ababa City administration has canceled the controversial evaluative test scheduled for Friday. Addis Ababa University and Kotebe College were the designated institutions for administering the exam.

According to a report by Wazema Radio published on Saturday, Addis Ababa City Administration employees were awaiting the exams at the designated institutions until 11:00 a.m., only to be informed of its cancellation.

On Friday, the Addis Ababa City Administration took to its social media page to clarify the situation. “The exam prepared for Addis Ababa University and Kotebe is canceled due to technical problems,” it stated. The administration also mentioned that the institutions had apologized and that the next schedule would be announced.

The city administration’s news update highlighted that Addis Ababa University and Kotebe Education University were tasked with administering the exam.

The exam is intended for city divisions that have completed organizational structural studies, as per the city’s claim. Employees who do not achieve passing marks in the exam will either be offered a different position aligning with their skill set or provided with compensation upon leaving the city. However, the exact compensation amount has not been disclosed.

The new policy has faced widespread criticism from Ethiopian activists and politicians, who perceive it as a politically motivated move targeting a specific ethnic group.

Enat Party, a prominent opposition party in the country, released a statement this week criticizing the city administration’s handling of the exam. The party expressed concern that the exam aims to dismiss employees in higher positions. Additionally, it highlighted the cancellation of the exam following reports of answers being disseminated. Furthermore, the party called on Addis Ababa City employees to fight it back. 


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  1. While we are so tied up and worked up with what is going on over there in the old country, there are two issues that have become of a concern for me: The latest daily data of COVID-19 and the war in Gaza.

    1). COVID-19 – The latest daily count of new cases and even deaths have been on the rise. I highly suggest to my beloved countrymen/women here in our Diaspora to take the mitigating precautions once again until winter is over. You young men! You think you’re tough. You have to protect your aging parents and grandparents also those with underlining heath issues.

    2). The war in Gaza seems to be inching toward an extremely dangerous regional conflict. The region is armed to the teeth beyond conventional weapons. It looks like everyone there is in a rehearsal mode preparing for the big one. If the conflict spreads beyond where it is now, it will not be like the 1948, 67 or 73 wars. This is going to dwarf all of those with the inevitable use of weapons of mass destruction. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies. There will be no question that nearby regions will be severely affected. The Horn of Africa will not escape the full effect of the conflict. The economy of Egypt is said to be battered by the absence of merchant that used to go through the Suez Canal. I am sure other countries like Djibouti might have felt the effect already. Let’s hope and pray that this bloody conflict will come to an end soon.

    Happy New Year!!!


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