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Ejigayehu Beyene’s link to His Holiness the late Abune Paulos, life with Mahmud Ahmed, more


If you have not already watched it, Ejigayehu Beyene’s story is amusing for many reasons. She had been implicated in many unacceptable practices in the Ethiopian church and was connected to power. She tells her side of the story. 

Ejigayehu Beyene was a very influential figure on the late His Holiness Abune Paulos who was the patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. She was like a courtier.

She traces her link to him during her times in the United States.

From what she says, she had an exposure to the palace as a child during the Imperial government of Haile Selassie I government.

Ejigayehu, who was born in Mekelle and grew up in Addis Ababa, as a young lady participated in beauty contests. She has five children from two marriages. In her second marriage, she was with the prominent Ethiopian Singer Mahmud Ahmed from whom she has two kids. After leaving for a working visit out of Ethiopia, Mahmud tried to avoid her (based on her narration). He was first in London and then in Athens. She got hold of him via phone when he was in Athens. When she asked him why he is not communicating with her, he told her “I do not want you.”

Currently, she is operating a tour company with a focus on touring service to Israel. There is more to her life. At one point she was arrested by “Israeli FBI” – the reasons seem to be murky.

Her three part interview with Egregnaw media is featured below. Share your comments below.

Part II

Part III

Video : embedded from Egregnaw Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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