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Ethiopian Policy Studies Institute discloses its failure to conduct national study due to  security problem

  • The population policy document will not be ready at the planned time
Ethiopian Policy Studies Institute
Ethiopian Policy Studies Institute (Photo : Social Media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA)- The Policy Studies Institute (PSI) disclosed here that it was unable to conduct a national study due to the conflicts and security problems being witnessed in different parts of the country, sources said.

Director General of Policy Studies Institute, Beyene Petros (professor) said that previously the problem was limited to Tigray Region, but now as the peace disruption has widened its horizon, it was impossible for PSI to proceed with its extensive research activities, the weekly Amharic, the Reporter said yesterday.

The Director General of the Institute made this public on December 18, 2023 while the Standing Committee on Planning, Budget and Finance of the House of People’s Representatives was discussing the quarterly performance report of the Ministry of Planning and Development and the respondent institutions, according to the Reporter.

The Director General said that due to the security problem, his Institute has been forced to focus only on Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa Cities. “The problem is seriously challenging our work,” Beyene Petros underscored.

Apart from the security problem, the regional states are not reportedly willing to cooperate with the institute. “When the researchers of the institute are deployed for assignment, the regions think that they have come to expose and publicize their secrets, not for work.” There are regions that have been removed from the institute’s research list for their failure to cooperate with PSI, according to the Director General.

Minister of Planning and Development, Fitsum Assefa (Dr.) said during the discussion that although it was planned to earn 1.2 billion dollars from export products in the first quarter, the achievement was 814 million USD.

Fitsum announced that the reason for the low achievement was the security problem in the mining sector and the spread of illegal trade in agricultural products. At the same time, she said that it was planned to secure 1.1 billion dollars from foreign direct investment but the success was 765 million dollars.

The minister said that the country’s total income during the first quarter performance is 109 billion birr, and 50 percent of the planned job creation for one million citizens in this quarter has been achieved.

Fitsum said that 4.1 billion worth of goods were imported during the said first quarter performances of the ministry.

The minister further explained that the population policy document, which was said to be completed and submitted to the House of People’s Representatives in the current year, could not be delivered at the planned time, as the working process needs to be discussed in detail and the House of Federation should advise on it. 


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  1. Borkena editors are fanno supporters who secretly sponsor genocide.
    Borkena editors are fanno supporters who secretly sponsor genocide.
    Borkena editors are fanno supporters who secretly sponsor genocide.


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