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Addis Ababa City New employment requirement imposes ethnicity as mandatory, concerns arising   

Addis Ababa City Ethnicity policy
Adanech Abiebie, Mayor (Photo : SM/File)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Institutions of Addis Ababa City Administration that have their focus on organizational research do not take knowledge or work experience as priority for new entrants who apply for approved positions. It is rather ethnicity that is mandatory here, sources said.

According to released form No. 001 (see image here below), applicants are required to fill in their ethnicity. Indicating the ethnicity of the applicant is very important for the result, it is stated in the form. Otherwise it will reportedly have a negative effect on the score or result of the application. Also, a clear instruction has been given in writing that ethnicity is mandatory on the human resources data collection form for the assignment. 

 It is a sufficient proof that the City Administration is committed to discriminating and excluding other nationalities by segregating applicants on ethnicity just for the purpose of stuffing the City Administration with cadres of own ethnicity of the ruling OPDO-PP (Oromo people’s Democratic Organization- Prosperity Party).

This very dangerous form is a clear testimony for the racial apartheid politics. The Addis Ababa City Administration is reportedly ready to fire the existing employees and replace them with OPDO cadres under the pretext of a placement test. It has been widely talked about that the racist politics being promoted by the ruling PP will eliminate many employees from their respective works. 


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