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Three stabbed to death in Gamebela, another man shot 

Gambella Ethiopia
Gambella, Ethiopia (Photo : DW Amharic)


An attack in the Abobo district of Agnua zone in the Gambella region on Saturday left four dead. Three of the victims were stabbed to death, according to DW Amharic report which cited sources from the area. The other one was killed in a bullet fired from militia forces – apparently unintended. 

It happened in the locality of village 17. Ethnic Kembata communities who were settled there in 1984 (1977 Ethiopian Calendar) live in the community. 

Three of the victims are male and one of them is a woman. Many of the victims were said to be looking after cattle when the attack happened. It is said that the attack might have something to do with robbery. The attackers are described as “unidentified” and at large.  

The father of one of the victims said his son was 16 years old and in grade 8. He said the attack happened around 3 p.m. local time. 

The source said that Gambella regional state communication has confirmed the incident, and that security forces are searching for the culprits. 

Ujilu Ghilo , head, is cited as saying that no suspect is captured yet and that the security forces continue the search.

All the victims have been laid to rest according to the report. 

There have been recurring attacks in the region in the past few years as is the case in many other parts of Ethiopia. 


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