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Ethiopian gov’t soldiers reportedly executed a young man in Merawi, Gojjam

Yilkal Abeje (source : AAA)


The Ethiopian Defense Force last Friday reportedly executed a young man in Merawi Town of Gojjam. Amhara Association of America, a civic organization based in the U.S., said it has verified the story. The Young man is identified as Yilkal Abeje and was active in the Amhara struggle against existential threats. 

Yilkal, who is said to be 33 years of age, was arrested and tortured before  he was executed in Merawi. borkena has not verified this from other sources. Since the declaration of  the state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in early August this year, human rights organizations in the country and abroad have confirmed that government troops carried out extrajudicial executions in different parts of the Amhara region. 

Amhara Association of America has released the following update on the killing of Yilkal Abeje : 

“The Amhara Association of America (AAA) has verified that on December 15 , 2023, Abiy regime forces executed a man named Yilkal Abeje in Merawi town of Mecha Woreda (West Gojam Zone, Amhara region, Ethiopia.”  According to sources, the deceased was a young man aged about 33-years-old and was known for his active role in the peaceful struggle of the Amhara people. Yilkal, due to his previous political vigilance and active involvement, had been repeatedly arrested and subjected to physical abuse by Prosperity Party regime security forces at  different times. Fearing potential attack, he was forced into hiding in the forest area following regime forces retaking control of Merawi town. However, over a week ago, regime soldiers captured the young man and took him to Mecod, where the regime’s military command post is encamped in Bahir Dar city. In the course of his detention for at least a week, Yilkal had been tortured and subjected to relentless physical and psychological abuse. This went on until December 15th when regime soldiers brought the young man back to Merawi and shot and killed him.” 


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  1. Hold up! Just hold up!!! How this could happen when all the news we hear is the armed group in the Amhara region has been scoring one victory after another on the battle front there? How? I have said this before so many times and I will say it again now. I will be holding both sides of the conflict responsible for human lives lost like this young man and the destruction of private and public properties in both Oromia and Amhara regions. I say this depending on the veracity of this news of torture and execution of this young man.


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