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National Rehabilitation Commission Raises Concerns Over “poor” Support for Disarming and Reintegrating Ex-Combatants

National Rehabilitation Commission
Teshome Toga ( Photo : Public domain/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The National Rehabilitation Commission said that the work of disarming and rehabilitating ex-combatants has not received support as expected. The commission disclosed that the public support and initiative taken during the war were not reflected in the reconstruction work which is part of the peace building process.

A two-day consultation forum, aimed at bringing together political parties and  intensifying the reform through awareness raising activities, has been in progress since Tuesday, December 12, 2023 in Addis Ababa, the Amharic Private Paper, the Reporter said.

Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Commission Teshome Toga (Ambassador) briefed the representatives of political parties about the performances of his Commission. Teshome called on political parties to help create a context in which differences can be resolved peacefully and to support the work of the Rehabilitation Commission.

In the forum organized by the German ILCO Foundation and the Rehabilitation Commission, there reflected the experience of Mozambique to help realize better practices in the realms of rehabilitation.

The Director of Communication and International Relations of the Rehabilitation Commission, Leulseged Belaineh told the Reporter that the Commission needs the support of not only political parties, but also the media, representatives of the community, international organizations and all parties to achieve the purpose of its establishment.

Leulseged said that Ethiopia is a country with a prolonged war, but in terms of peace building, it has no experience on the work of the Rehabilitation Commission. He pointed out that the society has a high capacity to cope with problems and has come a long way to reach here.

The disarming, demobilization and rehabilitation activities initiated by the Commission are the big national responsibilities “we can show to the entire world that Ethiopia won’t disintegrate as a nation but continue with its unity,” he said.

However, foreign governments and donors who promised to provide all kinds of supports for the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement have not kept their promise, Leulseged said.

The Director of Communication and International Relations stated that the domestic aid and support were not provided as expected. “The support and participation witnessed during the war have not been practiced in the rehabilitation work, which is part of peace building,” Leulseged indicated.

The Director of Communication and International Relations also pointed out that if the rehabilitation work cannot be carried out soon, after receiving the necessary support from all parties and if the 371 thousand ex-combatants cannot be rehabilitated, the country may face a worse crisis.


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